Fast Five: Back at It

ATHENS - Following a two-day break, Georgia hit the field for practice on Tuesday.

(One) There was a big group of Bulldogs wearing green, non-contact jerseys on Tuesday: Justin Scott-Wesley, Nathan Theus, Devin Bowman, A.J. McDonald, Leonard Floyd, Kyle Karempelis, Dominic Bryan and Trent Frix.

(Two) The second team offense is obviously subject to change over the next week or so. Consequently, so is the third team. However, one of the lineups behind Hutson Mason and company, whether it be second or third team, consisted of OT Mark Beard, OL Isaiah Wynn, C Glenn Welch, OL Dyshon Sims, OG Watts Dantzler, QB Brice Ramsey, TB Brendan Douglas and FB Taylor Maxey during Tuesday’s practice. The receivers were shuffled around quite frequently.

(Three) Upon observing the first punt return situation, Reggie Davis had priority. In the second round, it was Isaiah McKenzie who fielded the punt. Both looked pretty similar on Tuesday, but those shades of a playmaker could definitely be seen in McKenzie. I heard him referred to as the ‘human joystick’ one time. So far I wouldn’t disagree.

(Four) While it hasn’t been publicly announced what Will Friend plans to do with his offensive line in terms of starters, Mark Richt said earlier in fall camp it was just a matter of finding the right fit. Georgia has the numbers. On Tuesday, the numbers that were called most consistently for first team reps were 71 (LT John Theus), 54 (LG Brandon Kublanow), 61 (C David Andrews), 73 (RG Greg Pyke) and 75 (RT Kolton Houston).

“I'll have to ask him (Friend),” Richt said. “We've been going pretty hard and fast. There's not a lot of time sometimes to sit down and really nail everything down.”

As an addition to that offensive line, the closest thing to a first team offense was Hutson Mason, Todd Gurley, Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Quayvon Hicks, Blake Tibbs, and of course the five aforementioned offensive linemen all on the field at the same time.

Back to the offensive line…

“I'd say we're a little less settled at this minute than maybe we have been in years past,” Richt said.

(Five) In terms of a first-team defense, one group that matched up with the seemingly first-team offense consisted of (and in no particular order here) Sterling Bailey, Mike Thornton, Jordan Jenkins, Amarlo Herrera, Ramik Wilson, Lorenzo Carter, Damian Swann, Dominick Sanders, Shattle Fenteng, Corey Moore and Sheldon Dawson.

Richt has been impressed overall with Georgia’s young secondary, but they haven’t played a game in the SEC yet.

“They've got a good talent base. Their issue is experience; experience in the system and experience playing SEC football, which they have none (of),” Richt said. “There's some guys that are getting coached real hard right now because they've got to get ready, and the clock's ticking.”

That type of pressure might not be so easy for a freshman, much less a freshman who just started his first week of college classes.

“I'd say it's not comfortable for them right now as we try to get them ready to play,” Richt said.

This could all be changed depending on when Floyd gets back to the point where he gets consistent playing time, though. Richt is quite confident Carter, a freshman, will still see significant playing time regardless of whether Floyd plays right off the bat or not.

“Either way Lorenzo's gonna play,” Richt said. “Lorenzo's had a very good camp.”

Nonetheless, the group getting the majority of Georgia’s second team defensive reps consisted of John Atkins, Keyon Brown, Toby Johnson, Davin Bellamy, Malkom Parrish, Reggie Carter, Rico Johnson, Quincy Mauger, Lucas Redd, Tim Kimbrough and J.J. Green.

“We've got to find out ‘who’ is in there and ‘what’ they can do, and execute it,” Richt said.

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