Jump On It

Rashad Roundtree doesn’t plan on committing anytime soon.

Anything is subject to change in the recruiting game, though. Nonetheless, Rashad Roundtree plans to take his time when choosing between his top schools. The Lakeside-Evans safety is going to let the season play out before he says anything binding.

“After the season, probably,” Roundtree said. “I know for sure I’ll probably wait until the end of the season. When I know the right school I’ll jump on it.”

As of last weekend, Roundtree said he’s had the most contact with Georgia, Duke and Ohio State. He has offers from those schools as well as a handful of others like Auburn, Alabama, Virginia Tech, Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida State and the list goes on. He had a busy summer.

“It was a big summer with all the visits and all,” Roundtree said. “I’ve just been working with my team and it’s probably been one of the most productive summers I’ve ever had.”

One thing stands out to Roundtree about Georgia, though, and it’s not the fact it’s in state.

Roundtree said Georgia has been speaking to him a great deal about how soon he could step in and play safety if he were to choose the Bulldogs. Right now those words are catching the 6-foot-1, 195-pound defensive back’s attention.

Roundtree, too, has caught the attention of many, from scouts to fans. The Evans, Ga. native is a four-star prospect. He’s also Scout.com’s sixth-ranked safety in the country. That doesn’t seem to be on the senior’s mind too much, though. When he wasn’t on a visit over the summer, Roundtree was in the weight room or on the field.

Even with all the visits, practice was the highlight of Roundtree’s summer.

“Probably just working every day with my teammates,” Roundtree said after a pre-season scrimmage with Lincoln County. “We work hard, but it’s outstanding just to finally get to a football game and win.”

Roundtree may be a household name for recruiting followers in the southeast, but at Lakeside-Evans he’s just another member of the team.

“He’s just a great kid. He works hard,” head coach Steve Hibbitts said. “He’s going to be around the ball all the time. He does whatever you ask him to do. You put that on top of just being incredibly talented and it’s a great combination.”

Hibbitts doesn’t have to worry about Roundtree staying focused, though. The first-year head coach is just making the most of his time with senior.

“He handles it very well. He stays very grounded,” Hibbitts said. “He’s a great team player (and) great around the locker room. It just makes it great that he’s a great kid. He doesn’t let it go to his head. We’re excited to have him on the team.”

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