What I Learned Watching: Deontai Williams

BUFORD - Straight to the point - I liked what I saw from Trinity DB Deontai Williams at Buford Saturday night.

Williams is thin - yes. But he plays near the line of scrimmage a lot, which is a sign that his team thinks that he’s tough enough to confront an offensive lineman and make a play. Williams is long and lean. He can run - man is he fast, or quick one or the two.

He looks like a little jack rabbit running around out there. And this was against Buford - a ten-time state championship program full of kids who go to that school just to play football. But Williams won me over with one play and one play alone.

He was split out wide defending the slot (as I remember). Nonetheless, he was outside because Buford was showing pass. Of course, the Wolves ran the ball, and Williams made a great play. He was in hand-to-hand combat with his opposition when the ball carrier exploded towards him.

Williams disengaged with the blocker, spun around and make the tackle. It was very, very impressive. Most guys getting recruited by Georgia can run - and Williams can run. But not all of the guys getting recruited to Georgia (or the ones who play there) can do… actually will do what Williams did on that play.

Asher Allen was great against the run in his time against Georgia, but few other Georgia defensive backs are great against the run. I shouldn’t draw too much from that one play, but so many defensive backs in high school don’t tackle as much as they push or run someone out of bounds.

What Williams did was toughness. He knew that he would have to compete in that moment, and he did. He won the chicken fight, and he tackled the ball carrier on a play where the runner could have kept running for a while.

I liked that one play a lot. That’s football. Its not an easy sport, and you have to sacrifice your body sometimes to make plays. That’s not a natural thing for most players.

One has to also take note of just how fast Williams could fly around on the field. He’s very fast, which is critical in his position in the SEC. He’s going to have to add mass… that’s obvious. But Jeremy Pruitt did a great job of getting him to flip from Florida to Georgia. Scout.com ranks Williams as a three-star prospect, but I am sure that’s a high three star. He’s small, so that’s probably the issue more than anything else; small - not short. And there is a difference. Prospects who are small and long can add weight. Prospects who are short are just short, and that’s a tough transition to the SEC.

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