What I Learned Watching: Isaiah Pryor

POWDER SPRINGS - Matt DeBary takes a look at Archer DB Isaiah Pryor.

Archer DB Isaiah Pryor is a big-time player for Archer who played at both Safety and OLB for the Tigers. He already looks like a college football player, and is a guy who could play in the SEC.

He is very gifted physically, but did not make the impact I was hoping for. This was mainly because Sandy Creek’s offense relied heavily on Eric Swinney running the ball. Pryor didn’t light up the stat sheet because Sandy Creek ran the other direction of Pryor the entire game. Pryor started the game at Safety, but soon moved down closer to the line of scrimmage, in hopes of stopping the Sandy Creek running attack. He did a good job of getting after the run, and made some nice tackles on Swinney when given the opportunity.

On the few plays where Sandy Creek threw the ball, none of them went in Pryor’s direction. It definitely looked like the Sandy Creek offense game-planned around Pryor, and knew where he was lining up every play. Since Sandy Creek ran to the right side on most of their runs, I was hoping to see Pryor line up on that side, but he always lined up on the weak side to keep containment.

Overall, it was hard to really get a feel on the type of player he was, but Sandy Creek must think very highly of him since none of their plays were designed to go his way. Pryor looks the part, and stands out when he is on the field.

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