Fast Five: The Desire For Competition

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest after Wednesday's practice.

(One) Mark Richt wasn’t ready to tell everything he knew on Wednesday. After all, he does have a game to think about for Saturday. With a few questions still lingering about Georgia’s defensive secondary and backup quarterback situations…well, those questions still linger.

“I know, but I'm not gonna tell you,” Richt said.

Check back on Saturday evening at 5:36.

(Two) Marshall Morgan has a pretty strong leg.

Earlier in pre-season practice, Morgan apparently hit a 60-yard field goal. According to Richt, Georgia was setting up a situation to mimic the recent Alabama-Auburn incident. In a change of events, however, Morgan nailed the 60-yarder.

“There was a breeze behind his back, but it wasn't a gale force wind. He's got that capability,” Richt said.

In 1984, Kevin Butler hit a 60-yarder to give Georgia the upset over Clemson. That’s weird timing, right?

“We might have another one,” Morgan said.

(Three) J.J. Green is a confident defender, even if he hasn’t even played defense in a college football game before.

“My confidence is very high,” Green said. “(I’ve been) very confident ever since I started playing football. Technique really is the reason I’m so confident because if you have great technique you can play with anybody.”

He’s got swagger and fundamentals. What else does the sophomore have to work on?

“I’m still thinking about what I’m gonna do Saturday,” Green said.

(Four) Jay Rome was kind of on and off the practice field during fall camp, but it looks like he’ll be good to go for the season-opener. Along with Quayvon Hicks and Jeb Blazevich, Rome will be necessary for Georgia’s offense to tick.

“Jay's doing well,” Richt said. “He'll be part of the group that we hope will make plays. I think at this time of the year everybody's just so ready to play a game.”

Everyone’s tired of playing against their own teammates, according to Richt.

“It's gonna be nice to have a day off Friday and get them ready to go Saturday,” Richt said.

(Five) First-year defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt has undoubtedly brought some excitement to fans and players alike since his arrival from Tallahassee. What brings that out in everyone? Is it all about what you do on the field as a new coach? That’s true, but it’s not exactly all of it.

“Anytime I hire new coaches I want to know what they know - not just football,” Richt said. “Sometimes it's just a matter of getting everybody to get excited about something new sometimes, too.”

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