Confidence of a Star

ATHENS - J.J. Green hasn't played defense in college, but says he's not afraid of a challenge.

J.J. Green has no doubts on defense

J.J. Green is a confident defender, even if he hasn’t even played defense in a college football game before.

At Camden County Green played on both sides of the ball. However, when he came to Georgia it was up in the air whether he’d be a receiver or a tailback. With the injuries sustained by Georgia starters Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall last season, it was only fitting that Green would step in to join Brendan Douglas at tailback. In the spring that followed, however, Georgia made some changes to its defensive coaching staff. Green made a change to his position.

Green says he doesn’t have any doubts about his abilities on that side of the ball.

“My confidence is very high,” Green said. “(I’ve been) very confident ever since I started playing football. Technique really is the reason I’m so confident because if you have great technique you can play with anybody.”

He’s got swagger and fundamentals. What else does the sophomore have to work on?

“I’m still thinking about what I’m gonna do Saturday,” Green said.

Only one question remains then: what will first-year defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt do on Saturday?

“He’s going to rotate a lot of guys,” Green said. “If you’re a starter that doesn’t really say too much because he can pull you out of the starting rotation easy – you’ve seen that in camp. Ain’t no starters around here – just guys who are going to execute and make plays.”

Green has the ability to play at both the Star and the safety position. The sophomore is listed as second at the Star position on Georgia’s depth chart. Pruitt’s goal has been to cross train as many of the players in the defensive secondary as possible since his arrival.

With everyone knowing more than one position, that’s potential pressure for those on the field not to slip up. That type of pressure may weigh on the minds of some, but not Green’s.

Just listen to Pruitt. That’s all you have to do as a defensive back.

“You don’t do your own thing,” Green said. “You do what he says. If you do your own thing that’s how you get beat.”

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