ATHENS - Dean Legge’s list of what we know, what we think we know, and what we know we do not know heading into the first off week of the year.

You can review last week’s full article here … but we will check off what what we knew, what we thought we knew, and what we know after Georgia’s contest with Clemson.

What We Knew:

Todd Gurley is the best running back in the country when he plays. - Um… Yep.

Georgia is very happy with the way its offensive line is shaping up for the coming year. Did you watch the 4th quarter?

Clemson has defeated Georgia twice in 99 years in Sanford Stadium. That game could have been played 99 times… the outcome wasn’t changing.

Georgia is a 7.5-point favorite against Clemson. - Jumped up to Georgia -10 by Saturday morning. Vegas knew something… Should have been higher as Georgia won by 24.

Todd Grantham isn’t the defensive coordinator at Georgia any more. - Thank God.

Clemson, like Georgia, allows a lot of points against ranked teams. - That’s still true. The Tigers have allowed (going backwards) 45, 35, 31, 51, 35, 24, 27, 49, 70 and 10 points against ranked foes. Clemson has a problem… its defense.

If you want to think that Georgia is the better team and will win, you have reason to believe that and back it up. If you want to think that Clemson can upset Georgia - that’s hardly a stretch. This is sports - anything can happen. But there’s a reason why Georgia favored. - No, if you thought Clemson was better than Georgia you are a homer… and you know who you are.

What We thought we knew:

Gurley isn’t the only running back Georgia has that’s special - No, but he’s a badass… and the others just make the Dawgs’ run game even scarier.

Georgia’s tight ends need more time and work - That’s still true.

Georgia’s front seven was pretty solid last year, and it should be better this year. - Better… maybe not yet, but that was certainly no worse than anything last year. It was the secondary that proved much better. Still, the front seven allowed only 2.3 yards per carry… even though that came against a Clemson team that seemed out of tailbacks.

Jeremy Pruitt is a better defensive coordinator than Todd Grantham. We still think that because Pruitt made common sense changes and played more players. The Dawgs were fresher in the second half, and the kill shot came in the fourth. Still, Clemson managed one first down in the second half. That’s all you need to know.

What We Didn’t Know

How tough will Clemson’s defensive front be to deal with? Tough in the first half; not tough in the second. Clemson’s front seven was good in the first half and was overrun in the second. Georgia looked scary. Clemson looked overmatched.

How will Georgia deal without playing Justin Scott-Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell? Mike Bobo didn’t bother calling much down the field after a shot or two with Chris Conley in the first quarter.

What to expect from quarterbacks in this game. Neither QB won or lost the game, but Cole Stoudt didn’t have much to work with in the handoff department. Stoudt only threw for 130 yards. Mason had only 131.

We really don’t know what to expect from Georgia’s secondary, and it is impossible to know what to expect right now. - The first quarter looked like a lot of 2013; from that point forward Pruitt pulled the man-to-man coverage and things started looking pretty nice on defense.

Ok. That was last week. Coming into the first of two off weeks of the 2014 season what do we know, what do we think we know, and what do we know we do not know heading.

What We Know:

Todd Gurley is the best college football player in the country. Yeah, that’s right. You saw the same thing the entire country did on Saturday night. Todd Gurley went off on another team - this time Clemson - in new and creative ways. There were long runs; long special teams plays; head banging on the sideline. Dude was killing it.

What We Know:

Hutson Mason didn’t go down the field much. Now why was that? We know that he’s not got the most powerful arm in the country, but we’ve seen him throw the ball down the field. And yet that’s not something that he was asked to do. He totally managed the game in every way. There were a few times he just threw the ball into the crowd when he didn’t have what he needed. We knew he wasn’t Aaron Murray. We also know that Murray didn’t look like a star when he didn’t have all of his weapons. This is something to monitor. How good will Georgia be on offense with the return of Justin Scott-Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell?

What We Know:

The defense played great for two and a half quarters. Adjustments were made. Hats were put on the ball - even from members of the secondary, which was impressive. Rotations occurred in the defense. The backups didn’t look like backups at times. The defense only got one turnover, but it seemed that, with one or two exceptions, the defense was where it needed to be when it needed to be there. The “speed” of Clemson’s offense lining up to the line was irrelevant. The Tigers managed 3.8 yards a play. The Tigers had one first down in the second half. When the Tigers needed to move the ball to stay in the game they couldn’t. That wasn’t their failure (Sorry @ClemsonTom) that was Georgia not allowing it to happen.

What We Know:

Georgia’s secondary is going to have to continue to improve. No, Clemson didn’t light Georgia up this August, but Tahj, Sammy and company didn’t have on pawed helmets, either. Clemson is much more limited than they were last season. South Carolina is, too. But Carolina did do a good job of hitting the long ball, and that seems to be the issue or criticism against Georgia right now. Clemson took a few shots and hit a couple. The secondary seems much improved. There are new players and new coaches. It should be improved. But if this team is going to be the one seed in the playoff (Kirk Herbstreit’s words… not mine) then there can’t be a huge weakness. The good news is that beyond Auburn and Missouri, there’s not a ton of high-octane offenses left on the schedule. Let’s see how this develops.

What We Think We Know:

This is a good offensive line that people (fans) simply will not give credit… for some reason. Todd Gurley, yes, he’s a stud. But Georgia had another 130 yards on the ground, so its not all Todd. Start giving the offensive line its due. Hutson Mason was sacked once. If that continues all season Georgia is going to score a lot of points. Holding penalties? None. They are good - at least we think we know that. It’s OK to acknowledge that. This is the same group that ran for 238 yards with J.J. Green and Brendan Douglass at Neyland Stadium. Yes, great running backs help… but these guys can move the line.

What We Think We Know:

Nick Chubb is a stud. We think we know that, and we saw his explosion and determination in that one-shoed 47-yard touchdown run that all but ended the game with 8:53 to go in the game.

What We Think We Know:

Keith Marshall is still getting where he needs to go, but he’s not there yet. Not that there’s really a rush considering the running back firepower in the backfield in Athens. He didn’t have the night he wanted to in his return, but he returned… and that matters.

What We Think We Know:

That “wow” comment Mark Richt said to ESPN might be right. Contrary to Tony Barnhart’s assertion that “Georgia played its most complete football game since beating Auburn in 2007”, this was a very, very good performance, but it wasn’t the best since 2007. The blowout of Auburn in 2011, the blowout of Auburn in 2012, the blowout of Georgia Tech in 2012, the blowout of Vanderbilt in 2012, the win at Missouri in 2012, the 2012 win over Ole Miss… you get the point. But when Richt was asked to give one word about his team he told ESPN: “Wow". Does that make more sense now? Here’s a guy who simply doesn’t talk junk. And he’s already been forceful about his team winning the East (and he looks pretty smart on that one week into the season), and he’s told the alleged world wide leader that his team is “wow”. We think that we know that he is right.

What We Don’t Know

Was this a one-week wonder? Did Georgia just play its best game of the season? Better hope not. We don’t know that, but we don’t think that, either. That was a game that Georgia won by 24 points, but still could have been more thorough. This was hardly a perfect game. The fourth quarter was damned good, but there were three other quarters that could have been better. But we don’t think this team is a one-week wonder.

What We Don’t Know

Is South Carolina really as bad as they looked? We don’t know that. Maybe A&M matched up great with the Cocks - in this case that meant that the Toy Soldiers had a hot QB against a bad defense. South Carolina may and probably does match up a little better with Georgia than they did with A&M, but Carolina will likely have to deal with the return of Justin Scott-Wesley and quite possibly Malcolm Mitchell as well. South Carolina doesn’t look like they did these last three years. Then again, they don’t have the same players they had at that time, either. South Carolina isn’t just going to roll over and die because Georgia blew out Clemson. The Cocks’ season is on the line. They are going to give Georgia a fight, but they might be holding on for dear life in the third quarter.

What We Don’t Know

Can Hutson Mason be a weapon, or will he manage? That’s not a knock because you can win it all doing it either way. But if Georgia is going to win the SEC and beyond, and some people disagree with us on this point, Mason is going to have to win the Dawgs a game. He can do that, but we think he’s going to have to. Some people don’t think he’s going to have to. But there will be a time in the season when Georgia will need Hutson Mason to step up. He’s done that in a way at Georgia Tech. But he will have to do it again and in a more meaningful way this season. We believe he can do it. And we believe he’s going to have to at some point this season.

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