What I Learned Watching: Justin Young

FAIRBURN - Matt DeBary takes a look at Grayson DL Justin Young.

Georgia commit Justin Young is a strong DL for Grayson that lined up at both DE and DT for the Rams Friday night against Langston Hughes. At 6’3 260, Young was one of the bigger and more physical guys on the field. When he took his helmet off, he looked like he was in his mid-20s. Justin had a good game, but nothing really stood out to me about the UGA commit. He has good strength, and has active hands to get away from the offensive lineman. He looked like a much better run stopper than a pass rusher. Young was the captain of the Ram’s defense, and was a very vocal leader on the sideline. He plays with a great deal of passion, and has a very high football IQ. He diagnoses the plays extremely well, and made sure the rest of the defense was in the correct position before the ball was snapped.

Young didn’t have any explosive plays, but he made the plays he needed for the Grayson defense to be successful. He did have a couple early TFLs, but he didn’t have any game changing plays like D’Andre Walker did for Langston Hughes. Young made a big time stop in the backfield on 3rd down late in the 1st quarter, but did a little dance after the play and was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, giving the Panthers an automatic first down. He does play with emotion, and did a better job of controlling his emotions after that flag.

What stood out to me most about Young was his strength on the field and his quickness off the ball. He and the rest of the Grayson defensive line did a good job of penetrating and giving the Panthers nowhere to run. Young was often double teamed, but still clogged up the middle of the field. He also had a couple of big hits after chasing down the ball carrier.

Overall, I think Young is a good player, and a guy who has a chance to be very successful at Georgia down the road. I’m not expecting him to start right away, and believe he is definitely a redshirt candidate. Young still has the frame to add more weight and muscle, so I am looking for him to be a good backup his first two years in Athens, and then develop into a starter later on. He is a good run stopper who uses his strength and leverage to his advantage. I was hoping to see more of a pass rush from Young, but Langston Hughes didn’t pass much in the game. I believe Young ended the night with about 8 tackles, and 3 TFL, leading the Grayson Rams to a great game defensively.

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