What I Learned Watching: MyKelle McDaniel

FAIRBURN - Matt DeBary takes a look at Grayson DL MyKelle McDaniel.

MyKelle McDaniel is a big time 2016 prospect who plays DE and DT for the Grayson Rams. At 6’4, 261, McDaniel was the biggest prospect of the field for either team--and already looks like an SEC player physically. For some reason, McDaniel hardly played in the game, but when he did, he showed why he is a top target for many schools in the 2016 class.

When I first got to my seat, big #91, MyKelle McDaniel was pretty easy to find. Before the game it was exciting to watch him, expecting him to have a good game. Unfortunately, McDaniel played with a large brace on his elbow, so he might have been playing through an injury. He did not start the game, and finally got into the game on Langston Hughes’s first possession in the 2nd quarter. He only played three plays on that drive, but beat his man every time. He didn’t seem very quick, but overpowered his opponent and did a good job of hustling to the ball. After that third play, McDaniel came off the field a little gimpy like he had tweaked an ankle, and didn’t come back into the game until later in the 2nd quarter. He seems like a quiet kid, and was often by himself on the sideline when the defense was not on the field. Once Grayson was on the field, McDaniel would immediately run and stand next to the head coach, waiting for his name to be called. With 5:03 remaining in the first half, McDaniel made his first big play, exploding off the ball and blowing up a run for a TFL. Unfortunately, he was called for a facemask on the tackle. He made a nice play on the very next play making a strong tackle for no gain, then came off the field again. When he was on the field, he was very active, and I could tell the Langston Hughes lineman wanted no part of the big DE. McDaniel did not start the 2nd half but did come into the game with 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, recording a TFL.

Overall, I was hoping to see more of McDaniel, but a nagging injury might have been the reason why he didn’t play much. When he played he looked good, and showed good strength along with a nice little swim move that got him by his defender a couple times. There were a couple plays where he looked like he was confused and didn’t know what to do, but once the ball was snapped, he was one of the better players on the field.

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