Lightning Delays Game

COLUMBIA, SC - Georgia's game with South Carolina is facing at least a slight weather delay.

4:40 PM Update - Georgia's game with South Carolina will not kick until the 30-minute weather delay plus the 20-minute warmup... So not before about 5:25 PM

4:22 PM Update - Georgia's game with South Carolina has been delayed once more because of lightning.

3:40 PM Update - The game is now "in a delay" according to announcement over the PA here at Williams Brice Stadium. The PA announcer told fans to retain their tickets in order to get back in the stadium. Fans were already sitting in the building. Georgia's players are in the locker room. Their assistant coaches are sitting outside of the locker room.

3:22 PM Update - The game is now expected to kick at 3:51...

2:56 PM Update - Georgia is set to hit the field for warmup around 3:10. There will be a 25-minute warmup after that. Fans are entering the stadium at this time and sitting in seats.

The game is "supposed" to start sometime after that. A Carolina official has just told the photo room that we are supposed to start on time. But at least a slight delay is expected according to the Georgia coach I spoke with on the field prior to the game....

The game clock indicated they will kick around 3:45.

So not on time.

There could be additional delays. If that happens the teams, according to the coach, they will get a 10-minute warmup after they return to the field.

2:30 PM Update - Stadium officials cleared fans from Williams-Brice Stadium at 2:30 for a game that had a scheduled 3:30 kickoff.

There is heavy rain and lightning in the downtown Columbia area. The stadium is a few miles southwest of downtown.

Game officials have not officially delayed the game, but players from both teams have not been on the field for some time.

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