Richt Wants Feedback From SEC on Calls

ATHENS - Mark Richt is still wondering about two difficult calls that hurt Georgia’s chances of winning on Saturday night.

After each game Georgia details and sends into the SEC office questionable calls by officials, and Richt said that this week would be no different. He was asked about the holding penalty called on Brandon Kublanow which brought back Todd Gurley’s 54-yard touchdown run in the first half, and Hutson Mason’s intentional grounding penalty on the final drive of the night. Both calls were major factors in the outcome of the contest.

Richt indicated he disagreed with both calls.

“We thought Kublanow was in the framework of the defender,” he said. “We thought it was legal. What happened was, I don’t remember if it was one of his teammates or one of our guys, but somebody actually kind of clipped the back of the defender’s leg as they were running through there. He got tripped up by someone behind him so it may have appeared as if it was kind of a takedown. I really don’t think it was. We’ll turn it and see what they think after reviewing.”

On Mason’s grounding call Richt said:

“It definitely hit the defender. I am going to be asking the officials what the rulings on that. As it deflected off the defender it looked like it didn’t it was near anyone, but it was tipped. If it wasn’t tipped it would have been near our guy,” he said

But with the game lost, Richt said all he can hope to get from the SEC office is a clear indication of what was a foul and what wasn't.

“Our officials do a great job of looking at it and reviewing it,” he said. “There are times they stay that should have been a foul and times when they say it should not. I think it is helpful to hear it. I think it is helpful to train their officials get better as they go.”

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