Fast Five: Troy Press Conference Day

ATHENS - Dean Legge recaps Mark Richt's press conference for the week of the Troy game.

1. Richt won’t discuss what the SEC said on the calls The 14-year head coach acknowledged that he heard back from the SEC office, but said that he would not discuss publicly if the SEC said the officials got the calls right or wrong.

“They feel like if a ball has a “reasonable” chance of being caught it would not being grounding. If they don’t feel that way it would not be considered grounding. I don’t want to get into all of that (what the SEC said).”

“I think the officials have a very difficult job. It can get real stupid real fast. If you allow the bashing of officials - because rarely is anyone going to say good job. But rarely do they say: good call. When something bad happens someone is bad. I think it can get out of hand. But there is accountability, and that’s with the SEC. They grade them. They get their reprimands.”

2. On the Passing game

Richt doesn’t sound super impressed with what Georgia’s passing game.

“We’ve done a decent job of throwing and catching - not nearly as much as we are used to,” he said. “There are some really good things that happened, but I don’t think we are totally in sync. But that’s why we will keep practicing. I think we will be pretty good at it by the time it is said and done.”

He went on to say that Georgia is still looking at receivers who have not had catches thus far this season.

“We’ve worked Hegedus; We’ve worked Langley. We’ve worked Shakenneth. It is a long season. To say, today, who of those guys will get in…. we are hoping that Rumph will be back soon. They other two (Mitchell and JSW) will be back soon. For these guys who have not been redshirted - we thought about that with Chris Conley and we played him. He helped us a lot that season.”

3. Chubb very well could play vs. Troy

Richt said that Chubb nearly had surgery last week, but it could not be scheduled before the South Carolina game. He played hurt against the Gamecocks.

“Nick had to have the surgery,” Richt said. “He’s just a tough enough kid to where he wanted to play. Whatever they do - they put screws in there. I don’t know how much he will practice this week. If he wakes up and feels fine he’s going to be able to remember how to run sweeps. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him play. The earliest he would practice would be Thursday.”

4. Richt: Need more pass rush

Richt said he loves sacks, but that they are not necessary if the Bulldogs get more pocket pressure, something that didn’t happen against South Carolina on Saturday. He did note, however, that Toby Johnson had done a great job in his role on the defensive line.

“We’ve got to at least squeeze the pocket a little bit and make the pocket uncomfortable,” Richt said. “A quarterback with a lot of space - most pretty good ones can put it on the money. But we have got to get tighter in our coverage. In zone we were jumping on the short route and allowing the longer ones. You can’t do that. You’ve got to be fine with the five-yard gain.”

“Toby Johnson played hard,” Richt added. “He played with a lot of energy. He probably produced the most pass rush. He gave them a hard time. He practiced with the type of energy that you need to play like that. I think Coach Rocker has done a good job of motivating him to do things on a daily basis.”

5. Sony is Knowshon - at least in 2006

Richt will jab himself for not playing Knowshon Moreno during the 2006 season periodically. He did that again today in comparing Moreno to freshman Sony Michel.

“Sony is probably doing some things that Knowshon would have done if I would have played him as a freshman - helping the team win,” Richt said. “Sony made a great tackle on the punt this time. He’s flying down that field. he’s just flying down the field and making plays every time. If he misses he missed - we will have other people behind him. There are some people you just say: Go Sic ‘Em. Sony is one of those guys.”

Bonus - 6. Bellamy “Took it like a man

Davin Bellamy will help us. He had a good camp. He was working. He took the disciple like a man. He showed up every morning at 5:30 and worked hard,” Richt said. “He had the damage of not playing those first two games. he was on the scout team most of that time. But even on the scout team he busted his tail. What happened happened and we are sick about it. But I think he grew from it. I think he appreciates things more from it. We are training him on some special teams as well.”

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