Fast Five: Clearing the Air

ATHENS - Georgia's assistant coaches talk about the USC loss as well as the upcoming Troy game.

(One) Mike Bobo cleared the air about his play calling abilities on Tuesday. Yes, Georgia lost to South Carolina 38-35 in Columbia this past weekend. Georgia didn’t give the ball to Todd Gurley in a first-and-goal situation from the South Carolina four. We know that. We also know Georgia trailed by only a field goal at that point in the game’s final quarter.

Instead of calling a play that put the ball in Gurley’s hands, Georgia instead opted for Hutson Mason to roll out on a play action and attempt to find something open in the end zone. As the score tells, it didn’t work.

Bobo seems to be past it.

“I thought that play was a good call. It didn’t work,” Bobo said. “If I sit around and second guess myself every time I make a call and it doesn’t work you can’t be a good play caller. You’ve got to go with what you believe in and what you’ve worked on, period.”

The call has led to a lot of ‘give the ball to Gurley’ rants, but it’s just something Bobo has learned to deal with.

“After every game there’s more than one call you wish you could have had back,” Bobo said. “That’s football. You try to execute the play and there’s plays that work good and there’s plays that don’t.”

(Two) Jeremy Pruitt isn’t criticism-free following Georgia’s loss in its conference-opener either. After all, Georgia’s offense did score 35 against an SEC defense. The first-year defensive coordinator may be being tougher on himself than any fan.

“There was just some bad calls on my part – just bad calls,” Pruitt said.

How so?

“I felt like that there was probably 10 to 15 plays throughout the game that I put them in a situation where they didn’t have a chance to be successful, and that’s my fault,” Pruitt said. “I’ve got to do a better job of that, but there’s a lot of lessons to be learned. In a game that tight there’s a ton of plays that could have went either way and everybody on our team probably had a chance to be the difference in that game at some point in time.”

(Three) It’s on to the next one for Georgia. In this case, the opponent is Troy. The place? Saturday in Sanford at noon. Troy is neither Clemson nor South Carolina, but Georgia will still have to play football.

“You come out with the same mindset you do every week and that’s respect your opponent and expect the best out of the opponent that you’re going to play and you better be at your best,” Bobo said. “That’s what we talk about.”

Georgia was already preparing for Troy on Sunday, to Pruitt’s pleasure.

“The first thing I did (Sunday) was go check the training room because I wanted to see if we had the ‘loser’s limp,’ and we ain’t got it,” Pruitt said. “Our guys were ready to go our there and practice, and I’m proud to see that.”

(Four) Georgia may be without tailback Nick Chubb in the Troy game. The true freshman underwent surgery on his left thumb Monday, and while Mark Richt said there’s still a chance, Bobo says it’s too early to make any call on whether or not he’ll play Saturday.

“It’s still to be determined,” Bobo said. “I think it’s too early in the week to tell what’s going to happen. I do know Nick’s a very tough kid and wants to play, but it’s gonna be a decision from the doctors I would assume, and by him.”

(Five) Shattle Fenteng and Tramel Terry are still two defensive backs to keep an eye on, but they don’t seem to be quite game-ready yet.

“The guys we think are close to ready to play have played in every game,” Pruitt said.

However, Fenteng isn’t less than game-ready due to not being mentally prepared, but rather ongoing shoulder issues. Fenteng is a player that looked the part early in fall camp, but has been severely limited since.

“He hurt his shoulder when he first got here,” Pruitt said. “It’s just not fair for him. He just hasn’t been healthy, and in fact, we’ve given him two weeks off to try to rehab and to see if we can try and get him for the rest of the year. Going out there every day has just not been fair to the kid.”

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