Living in the Real World

ATHENS - It was an eventful Tuesday night after a disappointing Saturday night.

Georgia lost a game it should have won against a team it is better than. That loss isn’t coming off of Georgia’s record. But it is good to hear Mike Bobo, and particularly Jeremy Pruitt, admit to their mistakes - because that’s reality.

Bobo messed up one drive, but it was Pruitt’s group that cost Georgia the game by allowed five South Carolina touchdowns. As Pruitt put it himself: “You score 35 points you're supposed to win. It's embarrassing for me to be part of a team that scores 35 points, and you lose.”

Pruitt is right - not the part about embarrassment - the part about the offense scoring 35 points and not winning. Pruitt’s defense allowed 38 points… that’s not going to work. Bobo’s offense should have scored 40 points or more (the Dawgs only punted twice). It must be noted that Pruitt’s defense set up Bobo and company at the four-yard line… in position to win the game. Also: Pruitt’s defense forced four horrid decisions from Dylan Thompson, and Georgia only managed three points from those four mistakes.

The point?

This is what you do as a coach - you account for yourself - because you aren’t perfect, either. You live up to the standard that you set for your players. You don’t embarrass your players… you take the blame.

That Mike Bobo and Jeremy Pruitt were man enough to step up to the media and say: “Hey… this game is on us” is a massive step forward in the trajectory of the program. Mark Richt’s Georgia program has never gotten into finger pointing. It seems even less likely now than ever.

The only way to correct a problem is to first admit that you have a problem. That’s what happened Tuesday night.

I have tremendous faith in Bobo as a coach and a developer of talent. Mike Bobo has never been the problem at Georgia. He’s been the solution nearly every year. I think highly of him, and know that he will be a quality head coach one day.

I don’t know Pruitt in any way, but he’s been more upfront about what needs to be done than previous defensive coordinators under Mark Richt.

And to be clear - Bobo and Pruitt don’t owe the media anything… that’s not what this is about. But they do owe the fans, and the only real way to talk to the fans is to talk to them through the media. So that’s where this thing stands.

Mike Bobo, a great leader of offenses and a great play caller, made one bad play call. Jeremy Pruitt, who has been a part of the last three national titles, lost a fight to one of the craftiest play callers in college football - Steve Spurrier.

With the amount of public accountability that occurred Tuesday night fans should feel much better about the future than they did before. I’ve been around people in sports for a long, long time. Folks that are up front about their failings and defenders of their teammates and players are the folks that I want on my team - because you know that you can trust them.

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