injury settlement on Friday, and Robert Arnaud, who was released by the Redskins Sunday."> injury settlement on Friday, and Robert Arnaud, who was released by the Redskins Sunday.">

Pro Dawgs Fighting for Jobs

As the Tuesday cutdown day looms, some former Dawgs are feeling the heat while others are making an impact. Some early casualties include Patriots running back <b>Robert Edwards</b>, who reached an <a href="/2/14440.html">injury settlement</a> on Friday, and <b>Robert Arnaud</b>, who was released by the Redskins Sunday.

Arnaud's departure was a little surprising since the Redskins made a trade with the Saints before training camp for the second-year running back, who won a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens last season as a member of the practice squad. Arnaud had no carries in the first three Redskins preseason games. By releasing Arnaud, the Redskins avoided having to surrender a seventh-round pick in the 2002 college draft, the terms of the trade.

Edwards never suited up for the Patriots this preseason as he struggled to recover from a groin injury suffered early in training camp.

Brandon Miller, who made the Colts final roster last year as an undrafted free agent, is again facing an uphill battle to make the team. He did record three sacks in last week's preseason game against the Lions.

"I'll remember this game. It was a real career highlight for me," Miller said. "But during the preseason, you're not just playing for the team you're on. You're trying to put yourself out there in case that situation does come up where you're released.

"It's about going out there and making a name for yourself across the league. The tape from this game will go to all (31) teams in the league. That's what we harp on. You go out and try to win the game, but you also go out and try to make a name for yourself."

Miller is currently the fifth-string defensive tackle.

Another former Dawg Brett Millican is competing for a backup role at running back for the Colts. Millican is an undrafted free agent and has 65 yards on 22 carries in 3 games. He also has 4 catches for 25 yards. He's looked good on kickoff returns (6 for 23.5 average) and can catch the ball well. He will probably not make the final roster but could be signed to the Colts practice squad.

Bills third-round draft pick Jonas Jennings is currently listed at first string right tackle and is expected to be the opening day starter. Fellow Bills rookie Tyrone Robertson is listed as a third string left defensive tackle. He has impressed the coaches with his size, quickness, and strength. If he doesn't survive the cut, look for Robertson to be picked up by another team or be added to the Bills practice squad.

Quarterback Quincy Carter will make an impact with the Dallas Cowboys for better or worse. Carter was thrust into the starting role after Tony Banks was released. His first game as a starter did not have good results as he completed 5 of 17 passes for 27 yards and one interception. Carter will start again Monday night against the Raiders in Mexico on national TV.

Former Georgia and current Patriots running back Patrick Pass appears to have won the backup fullback spot after playing some receiver and running back last season. Teammate and first round selection Richard Seymour is listed as a backup at defensive tackle and will probably crack the starting lineup this season.

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