The Throwback: The Moment

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

Today's Throwback Story of the Day features a piece Fletcher Page wrote in 2012, breaking down the biggest football moments of the past 10 years.

The ups, the downs – all of the most critical and explosive moments people remember most and some that turned out to have the most impact.

1. 2007 Florida: End zone celebration

Nobody knew exactly what was happening in the moments that followed Knowshon Moreno's first quarter plunge into the end zone against Florida in 2007.

The entire Georgia team spilled out on the field as officials threw every flag possible. Were the two teams about to fight? That didn't happen, but it became evident that Georgia had planned a mass celebration involving the entire team. This had never been done before, and it left Florida – and everyone for that matter – stunned.

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