Weekend thoughts

Top teams are going to have to play better if they want to go to the Rose Bowl.

So that was the Georgia Tech that is supposed to beat Georgia for the fourth time in a row? That was the Georgia Tech that is supposed to beat Florida State? That was the Georgia Tech that is supposed to win the ACC? And that is the Georgia Tech that some ridiculous yankee paper picked to be national champions at the end of the season?

If that is the Georgia Tech team that is going to show up each week then a couple of things need to be cleared up. George Godsey will not win the Heisman; in fact yesterday's game is likely the last time that Godsey will be in New York for his college career. Kelly Campbell is the real Heisman candidate in Atlanta, not Godsey. The Goose had some poor throws yesterday, but he did prove that he could take a hit, his knee injury is no longer a problem. But what is a problem for him and the rest of the Tech offense is the lack of imagination in the Tech play calling.

Ralph Friedgen is missed already in Atlanta, and anyone who tells you otherwise is sick. Syracuse was not only whipping Georgia Tech's front, they also prevented the Jackets from scoring touchdowns when Tech was in the red zone, with one exception. It took a Syracuse turnover for the Jackets to get their only touchdown on the day. It was obvious that Campbell was Tech's best bet near the endzone, why wasn't the ball thrown to him in that situation?

Nebraska and Oklahoma both looked sloppy on Saturday. Although arguably the best two teams in the Big-12, both the Sooners and the Cornhuskers are going to have to step up their play soon if they want to make a run at the Rose Bowl this season.

Is Virginia going to make an impact in the ACC this season? Although Georgia beat Virginia like a drum last season, I still thought that perhaps they would have more of a chance this year with a new head coach. I was wrong; Virginia will not be in the top 25 this season, unless like the rest of these schools, they start turning their season around right now. The ACC still looks like it is Florida State's to lose. And now it seems that the Noles' toughest ACC game this year is at Clemson.

The best team of the weekend, or it least it appeared that way, was Fresno State. The Bulldogs' defense hit hard and their quarterback might be the best in the country. Colorado got all that it could handle Sunday night with Fresno State's secondary coming up from their positions and making hard hits on Colorado's backs. Numerous times in the first half Fresno State's secondary delivered knock out hits. The Bulldog defense forced 5 turnovers. David Carr, Fresno's awesome quarterback has all of the tools needed to be a player at the next level.

Colorado was not prepared for the intensity that Fresno State came with last night. Like the Tech-Syracuse game, Fresno used turnovers to score points against the Buffs. Those turnovers and stupid penalties cost Colorado the game. Turning the ball over to Carr is not a good idea. Much like a veteran quarterback, Carr makes you pay when you turn the ball over. He can deliver the ball wherever it needs to go. This includes throwing tough balls to the tight ends and running backs. He has touch and power, and knows when to use both. This is not the last we have heard of Carr.

Questions and answers from this past weekend

Who was the player of the weekend?

Kelly Campbell

He was unstoppable for the Jackets. The question remains, if Campbell is this good, why wasn't he even more involved in the offensive game plan?

What was the disappointment of the weekend?

A tie between the play of Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Georgia Tech

The early season usually means that the defense is ahead of the offense. But all three of these teams are supposed national championship contenders and their play this past weekend leaves a lot to be desired.

Will George Godsey or Eric Crouch win the Heisman?

No, did you see some of their throws? Take note of Carr.

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