The Throwback: Blood and Guts

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

Shawn Williams was concerned with the lack of emotion Georgia was playing with in 2012. He had the right to be, and Dean Legge tells why in this Throwback Story of the Day.


ATHENS – Shawn Williams is tired of it… and he should be.

"We're not playing on any emotion right now. Period," Williams told reporters Monday night after the Bulldogs' 29-24 win over Kentucky. Williams hit the nail on the head. Georgia, for whatever reason, has not played with the fire and intensity it is capable of the last two times it has hit the field. And that's a major, major problem.

Maybe that's because Georgia has played on the road of late (but they played intelligently and with fight against Missouri). Maybe Georgia the program doesn't realize the magnitude of the opportunity it has, or doesn't believe it deserves it (but last I checked they didn't give up in 2011, either).

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