Gurley Vaults to Top of Heisman List

ATHENS - Todd Gurley’s ran and passed his way to the front of the line for the Heisman Trophy today.

The Georgia superstar blistered Vanderbilt for 163 yards and two touchdowns. If that wasn’t enough he hurled a 50-yard pass and hurdled another defender during the No. 13 Bulldogs’ 44-17 win.

It was the 17th time Gurley has gone over 100 yards in his career at Georgia. Those numbers coupled with a disastrous Thursday night for Oregon’s Marcus Mariota likely pushes Gurley to the top of the Heisman list.

“Good things happen when you give it to Todd,” Coach Mark Richt said. “I think we are going to keep giving it to him.”

Good plan.

It was the 17th time Gurley went over 100 yards in his career at Georgia. Its not surprising that Gurley has the longest run (51) and return (100) for the Bulldogs, but he now has the team’s longest pass (50 yards) for the season as well.

Gurley gave the Bulldogs their first two touchdowns of the game on runs of five and 14 yards. The Bulldogs built up a 27-7 lead at the half before cruising to the win. The play of the day also came down to Gurley. His second hurdle of a defender in the open field was likely trumped by a 50-yard pass, which went to freshman tight end Jeb Blazevich.

Todd Gurley leaves the field after Georgia’s 44-17 win over Vanderbilt. (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

Hurdling defenders running at full speed has apparently become old hat for Gurley.

“That pass was so much better than anything in he threw practice,” Richt said. “But Todd threw it well (today). We have a saying at Georgia: spirals are optional. You just have to hit your target. In practice… it didn’t look that sporty.”

“Just when you think he can run the ball he throws it, too,” quarterback Hutson Mason said with a laugh.

When you watch Todd play you say: “He’s just a little bit different than anyone else.” That’s what makes him a Heisman candidate,” Richt said.

Gurley still says he’s shy about all of the attention, but he’s been noticeably more comfortable with the media attention - even has he does his best to hide his eyes behind a curtain of dreadlocks.

“That’s the best award you can get in the world,” Gurley said of the Heisman. “Its better than the NFL MVP. It’s hard not to think about it - especially when people keep bringing it up. But that’s going to take care of itself. My job is to help my team win. If, in December, I win that or I am able to go to that I will be thankful.”

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