Mike Bobo: On the Record

ATHENS - Mike Bobo sounds off on Georgia's offense as it heads into a matchup with Missouri.

How much of a concern is confidence when it comes to Hutson Mason and trying to put Brice Ramsey in there, too?

Bobo: That’s part of playing that position. You’re going to have to be able to handle pressure situations and it might seem like we’re putting a little bit of pressure on him when we put Brice in there, but any guy that’s going to play quarterback at this level – you’ve got to be able to handle pressure. It’s just another part of playing that position. He’s just going to have to respond to it, quite frankly.

Is that a rotation?

Bobo: It was a series in the first half. Then (Brice) played in the second half when we felt like the game was under control. Whether he plays a series in this game against Missouri is yet to be determined.

Why play Ramsey in the first half against Vanderbilt?

Bobo: We did it to see if we could get something going and get him in there and see what he can do.

How did Mason respond?

Bobo: I know Hutson responded well all week. He was told of this on Monday and practiced very well all week, and I told him I was going to put pressure on him in practice and he’d have to relax and handle pressure and I thought he did a nice job.

What do you think about Missouri’s defense?

Bobo: They’re very similar…they rush the passer extremely hard and they do a lot of things with movement and the game that we’re going to have to do a good job. Like I told the quarterbacks today, we’ve got to trust our protection every time. We’re going to get sacked on Saturday. Just mark it down, we’re going to get sacked and we’ve got to get back up and the next time we call a pass we’ve got to stand in there and deliver the ball.

How would you rate Georgia’s offensive line?

Bobo: They’re doing a nice job. Those guys are getting better every week, which is what you want to see. I think they’re gelling as a group and they’re getting stronger as the game goes on in every game we’ve played.

Do you call your new offensive formation the ‘Wild Dawg’?

Bobo: Uh, no. That’s a secret. I can’t tell you. You can call it whatever you want.

What is setting Jeb Blazevich apart from other tight ends?

Bobo: Coach Lilly always uses this word. He’s a conscientious kid. He takes everything serious (and) works extremely hard. Just that long pass that Todd threw to him; if you go back and look at it, the ball is coming down and he actually catches it and looks that ball in the whole way. Every little thing Coach Lilly teaches: how to play the position, how to block, how to step (and) how to catch. He tries to do it exactly as coach says. He’s got talent, too, and he’s a good player, but the little things have set him apart and made him able to make plays early as a freshman.

Is coaching/watching Todd Gurley exciting for you?

Bobo: There’s no question. He’s a special back. I love it when we block great and get him out there and he’s got a chance to go to the house, and then I love it just as much when we don’t block exactly right and a guy’s hanging off the line and he’s able to shed him and get positive yards, but that’s what good backs do. They break tackles. They turn good plays that are blocked well into explosive plays, and then they turn the average play into the two, three and then when the game goes on it turns into five, six in the fourth quarter, and that’s what he does.

Is it unfair to have these questions at quarterback with the offense moving the ball as well as it is?

Bobo: A little bit. If we were throwing it, they’d be saying run it more. That’s just the nature of the business – the nature of calling plays so to speak. We want to score on every drive. We want to move the ball down and score, but in reality that’s not going to happen. That’s why you play 60 minutes.

We try to figure out how to move the ball and we’ve been successful in the five games we’ve played, and we’ve got a new challenge this week that’s a heck of a defense in Missouri.

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