So Is It Over Now for Dawgs?

ATHENS - So is Georgia’s season done now that Todd Gurley is on the bench suspended?

It sure seems that way.

We’ve seen what Georgia looks like without Todd Gurley and with Aaron Murray, and it wasn’t that great. We’ve not seen Georgia without Todd Gurley and Hutson Mason, and it can’t be better than what that was.

If Todd Gurley doesn’t play at Missouri on Saturday, and Georgia loses, much of Georgia’s hard work in the offseason will be for naught. That’s because Georgia isn’t Georgia without Todd Gurley.

Its hard to see the Bulldogs getting to Atlanta without first beating Missouri. Its hard to see Georgia beating Missouri without Todd Gurley.

Let’s be frank - we don’t know what will come of this matter. Cam Newton’s suspension in 2010 was for about a day. Johnny Manziel was suspended a half.

Right now everyone at Georgia is running around with their heads cut off, and no one knows what to think. 48 hours before the biggest game of the season, the biggest player in the country is “indefinitely suspended”. Not sort of suspended like Jameis Winston - full blown suspended.

Its a punch to the gut of a program that, for the second time in five seasons, sees its best player sidelined for NCAA violations. Georgia will travel to Missouri and face the Tigers on Saturday at noon, but there’s no telling what will happen in the game.

Gurley is as good as there is nationally. There’s no real reason to expect him to play Saturday, and if he doesn’t play there’s no reason to expect Georgia to win. Its that simple.

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