Fast Five: From the Heart

Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest after Tuesday's practice.

(One) A glorified walkthrough at Woodruff Tuesday

For students at the University, the morning started with Tornado advisories. As the day eased on, though, the weather eased up – but only slightly. Once four o’clock rolled around, it was time for business as usual for Georgia.

“We got as much done as we really could. It was kind of hard,” Michael Bennett said. “You just don’t want guys getting hurt and stuff, so we just kind of got the essentials done (and) scout team stuff. That was basically it.”

Mike Ekeler said he could see the players having fun out there in the damp conditions. Actually, make that sopping wet conditions. However, Ekeler said it got too cold for his liking as the practice reached its final periods.

(Two) J.J. Green has moved again

The tailback that became a defensive back and has dabbled in just about everything position-wise practiced in Bryan McClendon’s backfield again on Tuesday. Given Georgia’s depth at tailback right now, his experience is an added bonus for Mike Bobo’s offense.

“It’s good that we’ve got a guy with a little bit of experience that played running back there last year that’s going to be able to fill in for us and help out at that position,” Bobo said.

Green could be back with the defensive backs any time, but for this week he’s game planning for Arkansas with the Bulldogs’ offense.

(Three) Hutson has heart

Before taking the field at Missouri, starting quarterback Hutson Mason had a message for his whole team – not just the offense. That message seemingly worked.

“I think just as far as my speech before the game, it was just kind of all natural and from the heart,” Mason told reporters on Tuesday. “I don’t really ever give a speech before the game anyways, but I knew the significance of this game and I didn’t really know what 75 other guys were thinking. Are they thinking, ‘we don’t have Todd, are we in trouble’ or are they thinking, ‘we can do this.’ So I really just wanted to say something from my heart and it came out pretty good.”

“I don’t know how much of that had an effect on our performance more so than it was guys just being prepared and doing their job at a high level,” Mason said. “We won, so...”

A move like that is a bit uncharacteristic of Mason.

“I didn’t expect it because he usually doesn’t talk before games, but he said he wanted to say something and it was really just from his heart,” Bennett said. “It got a few guys emotional, so he just kind of took it upon himself to say with all this swarming around us (and) the whole nation kind of just looking at this game, we’ve got to come out and prove that we’re more than just a Todd Gurley team.”

(Four) Communication is key for Pruitt’s defense

How can you show the defense is improving? Allow 147 yards of total offense and pitch a shutout in a key conference matchup on the road? Yeah, that’ll probably work.

“We know that when we communicate we execute, and when we don’t things fall apart,” Sterling Bailey said. “During practice we just go out there and we’re making sure everybody knows the calls and making sure everybody’s lined up correctly. We’re just talking to each other.”

It’s kind of like in school. The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked. According to Bailey, if you have a question for the coaches, you just ask.

“If we’re unsure about something we just talk to them or communicate,” Bailey said. “It’s just helping us learn this defense a whole lot better.”

(Five) Chubb – well, Chubb is strong

True freshman Nick Chubb carried the ball 38 times against Missouri – 38. Then, he came back to Athens only to get in a quick yoga session on Sunday. By Monday, it appeared Chubb was only gaining momentum.

“He looked full speed to be honest,” Bobo said. “We had to tell him to slow down. Nick’s a tough kid.”

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