If Cleared, Gurley Will Travel and Play

ATHENS - Todd Gurley will play on Saturday, if he is cleared to play by the NCAA, his coach said on Wednesday night.

“If we know he's not gonna play he won't travel,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said of suspended running back Todd Gurley. “If we know he's able to play he'll travel. If he's not he won’t. He's either able to play or not. We'll definitely know in plenty of time before we get on the plane.”

The No. 10 Bulldogs are traveling to Little Rock to face Arkansas. Gurley missed last week’s game at Missouri, but the Bulldogs won 34-0 anyway.

“(Todd) has been practicing and getting some reps,” Richt said. “But until we know something for sure one way or the other… he is eligible to play he will travel. If he is not he won’t travel.”

There was some confusion about when Georgia will know Gurley’s status. Richt initially said that Georgia would know on Friday during the press conference.

“I would think so,” Richt said when asked if the program will know by Friday if Gurley will be able to play this weekend.

But a Georgia spokesman clarified and said that the program had no knowledge of if a decision would be handed down by Friday.

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