The Throwback: The Hulk

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

Today's Dawg Post Throwback Story of the day features a piece on Brannan Southerland, a fullback that could pound the football up the middle or go out and catch it in space for Georgia in 2006.


ATHENS – In a 6-foot frame that would seem to be packed completely with 244 pounds of brawn, Brannan Southerland has a found a little room left for sympathy.

Georgia's sophomore fullback has emerged from last year's one-trick wonder, that trick being plowing linebacker after linebacker into the turf, into the No. 16 Bulldogs' best offensive player this season. In the process, he's turned his junior backup, Des Williams, into a spectator.

"Every player wants to get as many plays as they can, but Des is one of my best buddies," Southerland said. "From Des' point of view, I wish he would get in there."

If that's going to happen, Southerland better cut out what he's doing right now. Williams, who started at fullback in 2004 and missed all of 2005 due to a chest injury, returned this year and was expected to take nearly as many fullback snaps as Southerland, but Southerland has proven too good to take out of the game.

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