Sacked Out

Lorenzo Carter got the royal freshman treatment after his performance at Missouri.

True freshman Lorenzo Carter got his first career quarterback sack in the Missouri game.

A sack for a loss of eight yards was just the start to what looks to be a promising career for Carter at Georgia. So tired from the shutout, Carter decided to rest his eyes a bit on the plane ride home. His teammates had other plans.

“We messed with him on the plane,” outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins said. “We definitely gave him a hard time on the plane.”

Boys will be boys – on a bus, or on a plane. You have to know better than to go to sleep on the ride home, especially if you’re a freshman.

“He had passed out, and we had a short-lived clip of him on Instagram,” Jenkins joked. “He passed out and everyone was messing with him.”

Don’t bother trying to find the Instagram video of the sleeping freshman, though. The clip has since been taken down from social media, according to Jenkins.

“I let him off easy,” Jenkins said.

Carter has 13 tackles in six games this season. The freshman has also hit the quarterback seven times and picked up one fumble.

Georgia’s veterans are just fine with that type of performance out of their younger counterparts.

“I feel like we definitely need that and they’re definitely showing up,” Jenkins said. “I feel like things are starting to slow down for them and now they’re starting to really get a knack for things and playing a little bit faster. A lot of guys may get tired, and now we know we don’t have to play every snap. If there’s a chance we do get tired, we have trust in our teammates that if we’re out they can do what it takes to get the job done.”

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