What's Right

Chris Conley weighed in on the Todd Gurley situation on Saturday.

Star running back Todd Gurley’s suspension hasn’t distracted Georgia from a pair of impressive road victories.

“I think the fans and everybody else gets more riled up about it than we do,” Mark Richt said afterwards. “We just show up and go to work.”

Chris Conley, who has been a leading voice on student-athlete issues nationally, offered his opinion on the Gurley situation. The running back has missed two games while Georgia looked into whether he broke NCAA rules by being paid for signing autographs.

“I want them to do what’s right,” Conley said. “If you have proof, do something. If you don’t let the man play. I love Todd and I support him in his situation. I don’t work with the NCAA any more. My sentiments, my thoughts are here with my team.”

Mason said he’s heard about the possibility that Gurley could be back for Florida but he said he’s not sure.

“Everybody’s working on it,” Richt said in comments to ESPN aired before the game. “We’ll find out when we find out.”

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