Sanders, Swann Surge

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Dominick Sanders came to Georgia just three years after his brother, Chris Sanders, was dismissed from the program.

Though Chris is now half way across the country at Baylor, Dominick’s mentor on the team is his brother’s recruiting classmate, Damian Swann.

“Once I found out Dominick was still going to come here after that situation, it was a no brainer for me to take him in,” Swann said.

Sanders goes to Swann on advice for game approaches and, as Swann said, “everything.”

Sanders picked up his first interception in the Bulldog shutout of Missouri and contributed four tackles against both Vanderbilt and Tennessee. On Saturday, Sanders scooped up a Razorback fumble and ran it 54 yards to put the Bulldogs up 38-6 before heading into halftime.

“I [saw] the ball. All I knew was ‘get around that block, scoop that ball up’ and I [saw] green grass,” Sanders said.

A fumble recovery for six points is a big moment for a starting freshman on an inconsistent secondary. But Swann played the big brother role in that moment.

“He makes me proud every time he makes a play,” Swann said.

Swann, a veteran member of the highly-criticized Georgia secondary, concedes that the unit has struggled but said the key to improving is preparation. They’ve learned all the tools to succeed; now, they just need to put them to use.

“I’ve kind of been the old guy the last two years. We didn’t have much success last year, but we’re having a lot of success this year and that makes me proud,” Swann said.

With Swann out of eligibility after this season, Sanders may be next in line for the “old guy” position and have to take over the helm of an improving Jeremy Pruitt secondary.

Though he has shown glimpses of true ability, Sanders is the first to admit that he is far from polished.

“I’m still learning, still got a lot to do. I’m getting better everyday,” Sanders said.

Sanders, like his brother, was a three-star prospect out of Tucker High School before coming into the Pruitt defensive scheme. Now that he’s checked an interception and a defensive touchdown off his freshman year bucket list, Sanders looks for ways to improve and progress.

“I can’t tell you what’s next,” Swann said. “But I’m going to keep my head up and I’m going to keep pushing and do what I have to do.”

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