Fast Five: No Newer News

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest after Wednesday's practice.

(One) No newer news on Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley was once again the buzz on Wednesday morning as Georgia announced it had plans to file the junior tailback’s reinstatement papers with the NCAA. As of Wednesday evening, however, head coach Mark Richt had no further update on Gurley following Georgia’s open date practice.

“All I know is what y’all know,” Richt said.

Like Georgia’s fan base, its head coach says he’d be more than happy to hear a decision come before the team travels to Jacksonville to take on rival Florida.

“It’d be wonderful,” Richt said. “We’d definitely like to know one way or the other in time to really prepare our team properly. Without a doubt it would be very exciting if the answer was that he could play in the game.”

As of Wednesday evening, though, optimistic is all Richt and the rest of Georgia’s program can be.

“I think that we as an institution and Todd as a student-athlete did everything within the protocol of the governing body – the NCAA,” Richt said. “So hopefully all will end well and hopefully sooner than later.”

(Two) Chubb doing Gurley proud

Gurley is far from forgotten, but true freshman tailback Nick Chubb has held down the fort nicely while his Heisman hopeful mentor has been sidelined. Chubb has rushed for 602 yards and five touchdowns on 99 carries this season. With Chubb as the team’s number one back Georgia is undefeated and the Cedartown, Ga. native has been the talk of the SEC. Gurley hasn’t tried to take away from Chubb’s accolades, according to Richt.

“He said he felt a little bit like a proud father watching Chubb play ball,” Richt said. “His spirits have been good and he’s tried to not be a distraction to the team in any way. He’s only tried to support his teammates through practice and things of that nature.”

(Three) Marshall not ‘lighting it up’

With the Gurley situation it’s obvious Georgia would like to have some added depth at tailback. In fact, last week Georgia had to bring J.J. Green back to the offensive side of the ball from the defensive backfield in order to give Chubb some more support. Georgia signed another tailback with Gurley, but Keith Marshall (knee/angle) is yet to be game-ready.

“I’m not real optimistic right now from what I’ve seen,” Richt said. “I’m not saying that he couldn’t play, but right now I wouldn’t say Keith is just lighting it up right now. He’s still kind of feeling his way in my opinion.”

Does this mean Green will have to play at tailback again for the Florida game? It might, but Richt wouldn’t prefer it.

“There's always a chance J.J. could come back this week,” Richt said. “We hope he doesn't have to.

(Four) No nonsense in Tucker, Ga.

Dominick Sanders has given Jeremy Pruitt every reason to keep him in his lineup. As a true freshman Sanders has a 22-yard interception and a 54-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown.

“He practices with a purpose,” Richt said. “He’s kind of a no nonsense guy. He’s very, very coachable (and) very teachable.”

Sanders doesn’t have to think about what he’s doing. He just comes to work.

“If he does make a mistake he at least is making it full speed and he’s not making it because he’s not focusing,” Richt said.

(Five) Practice makes perfect

It’s not always easy to practice effectively when there’s not a Saturday opponent in sight. Georgia’s goal is to keep its momentum going with an open date this weekend, though.

“I just think they’re in good habits right now when it comes to practice so I’m pleased with our coaches’ ability to get them to this point and our players’ ability to keep it going,” Richt said.

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