The Cowboys Defeat the Raiders; Quincy Impressive

The Cowboys finally pulled off a preseason victory as <b>Quincy Carter</b> and company took care of the Raiders, 21-6. With only one preseason game left, a lot of questions still remain about the upcoming season, but it sure is nice to mention the words "Cowboys" and "victory" in the same sentence again.

Quincy Carter actually showed flashes of brilliance Monday night at the American Bowl in Mexico City. The newly appointed Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback finished Monday night's game 6-11 for almost 100 yards and 1 rushing touchdown. Even more impressive is that he led the Cowboys to a convincing 14-3 halftime lead.

Carter scored the Cowboys' first touchdown on a 16-yard option keeper (that's right, an option keeper) to give Dallas a 7-3 lead in the second quarter. The option was actually used earlier in the drive when Quincy pitched the ball at the last possible second to Troy Hambrick for an 11 yard gain.

Is this something that we will see often this season? Probably not, but it sure was entertaining this evening.

Carter went on to make several strong throws on an 81-yard scoring drive that ended on a Troy Hambrick 5-yard touchdown run.

Dallas decided not to play Rocket Ismail and Joey Galloway for precautionary reasons.

Oakland elected not to play Rich Gannon for this contest, but the defense seemed to play with a sense of urgency. An interception by George Teague led to seven points, and the defensive line held the Raiders rushing attack in check for the entire game.

Even though the season hasn't started yet, it would seem obvious that this team might not be too bad defensively, and that's encouraging.

Ebenezer Ekuban and Greg Ellis, the North Carolina connection if you will, seem to be coming into their own. There are still a ton of question marks at the corners, but a good defensive line will go a long way in making a good pass defense.

Offensively, who is to say how a healthy Joey Galloway and Rocket Ismail will help Quincy's growth early in the season? I can tell you one thing, it sure won't hurt. There still needs to be a third wide receiver to step it up a notch, and I think that player will probably be Wane McGarity.

The key will be if the offensive line can open up holes for Emmitt against a 7 or 8 man front, and that's going to be tough. If Emmitt has any sort of success, it will take some pressure off of Carter and help greatly help the mental health of this football team.

With the opening game against Tampa Bay less than two weeks away, its nice to say that the Cowboys finally won one.

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