Richt: We'd better have our focus

During the SEC teleconference on Wednesday, Mark Richt fielded questions about the upcoming Georgia-Florida game plan, College Football Playoff rankings, and, of course, the breaking news in college football today: the non-immediate reinstatement of Todd Gurley.

Focusing on Florida

“My reaction, quite frankly, is that we can only control certain things,” Richt said. “There are questions and there are things swirling around that become a distraction, but I think our players have done a really good job of only worrying about things they can control and again that’s trying to prepare well enough to get a victory.”

“Our guys understand that we’re playing a very good team this weekend,” Richt said. “We better have our focus on the right things or it’s going to be a rough day.”

Threes Up: Gurley will be back in time for Auburn

There is a high likelihood that Gurley will be leaving for the draft after this abbreviated season, so it’s time for him to make his lasting impression at UGA. a

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that Todd’s going to finish with honor, and he’s going to have a great finish to his career here at Georgia, whenever it ends. I think he’s excited about finishing this season with his teammates.”

The ever-popular Georgia running backs

“Our philosophy with our running game and our running backs is to try to get as many health backs playing as possible, splitting up the workload as much as we can when we can,” Richt said. “Earlier in the year we were playing three or four backs at times and the goal was to try to keep fresh throughout the game, throughout the season.”

With Keith Marshall still out, Sony Michel sustaining a shoulder injury and Gurley under suspension, freshman Nick Chubb took on a significant workload, almost turning the tailback position into a one-man job.

“We’ve obviously had to rely a little more on Nick and a heavier workload than we would have if we had a bigger stable of backs, but it’s worked the last couple of games,” Richt said.

Richt was doubtful that either freshman Michel or Marshall would see any playing time against the Gators, but J.J. Green swap from the defense, if need be.

“We know that if we needed [Green] in the middle of the game, he could play offense. He knows enough of what to do,” Richt said.

The Playoff Era begins…

The first ranking by the College Football Playoff committee was released on Tuesday night. Georgia was slated at No. 11, sandwiched between No. 10 Notre Dame and Arizona at No. 12.

“Obviously everybody is going to be much more concerned about the poll at the end than what it is today,” Richt said. “I’m sure it’s exciting for the fans.”

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