Mark Richt: On the Record

Mark Richt speaks with media following Wednesday's practice before the Florida game.

Q: Have you heard of a successful appeal for Todd Gurley at this point?

Richt: Not that I know of.

Q: Did the NCAA’s ruling on Gurley given Georgia’s approach to the situation surprise you?

Richt: Well, first of all I love our fans. I think they’re great. I love our team and I like how everybody’s been really doing a good job of focusing on the things that we can control in this situation and I thought we had a good day of practice.

Q: Will this year’s matchup with the Gators be any less intense than those of years’ past?

Richt: This is my 14th at Georgia and there’s never been one that wasn’t an emotionally charged game. There’s no doubt in my mind it will be an emotionally charged game for both teams and we’ve got to play hard and fast and disciplined and together, but I can tell you everybody on the field and I’m sure everyone in the stands are going to be really revved up for this one. I can’t imagine it being any different than all the rest.

Q: How is Gurley handling this situation?

Richt: I’m asking Todd to stay in good spirits and stay in good shape. The rest of us will be preparing to do battle against Florida.

My expectation is he’s getting excited to play as soon as he’s allowed to, which right now is Auburn.

Q: How did the team take today’s news?

Richt: We had a good practice. It wasn’t a whole lot different than when the news first broke. When the news broke the first time we actually had a special team meeting that lasted about five minutes, but I just wanted to get them all in a room and talk to them – look them in the eye. Normally after our walkthroughs I usually address the team for just a moment before we start our flex, and that’s when I said a little something. Basically what I said just now – that I’m asking Todd to stay in good spirits and good shape and asking everybody else to focus on the job at hand.

Q: Have you had to readdress and reemphasize the NCAA’s rules with the players?

Richt: I think our guys know that. Our guys know that there’s rules and we need to abide by them and if we don’t there’s consequences. That’s just the way it is around here.

My opinion is that when rules are broken you don’t have control over the discipline. That’s part of life.

Q: Did J.J. Green practice with the offense Wednesday?

Richt: No, no offense. J.J. did nothing on offense, but like I said, we feel like if he’s needed in an emergency he can flip over there and run enough of our offense to keep it going.

Q: How are Keith Marshall and Sony Michel looking?

Richt: Keith got reps. Sony didn’t. I’d say Keith is still questionable. Sony I’d say no.

Q: If the NCAA applauded Georgia’s handling of the Gurley situation, is the ruling a surprise?

Richt: Bottom line is there’s only certain things I can control and the ones I can is what I try to focus on and I can’t control that.

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