No Effort Lost

Georgia’s 38-20 loss to Florida on Saturday resulted from a lack of execution and not effort.

Following a day where Georgia’s defense allowed two Florida tailbacks to combine for 389 yards, head coach Mark Richt wasn’t quick to lash out on the run defense specifically.

“I would say that we started out playing pretty good football, but as the game went on I don’t think we lost effort, but I think that we definitely lost execution as the game went on – especially on defense,” Richt said. “Really just the whole team in general. We just didn’t execute well and (Florida) did a great job. Again, my hat’s off to them. They did a good job. They played hard. I think both teams played hard, but they executed better than we did.”

Georgia’s run defense allowed 418 yards – the second highest total since Auburn rushed for 430 yards against the Bulldogs in 1978. To avoid harping on the run defense too much, it should be also stated that Georgia had a lack of production on the ground, but Nick Chubb shouldn’t have that blame fall on his shoulders entirely.

The freshman tailback put the Bulldogs on the board first Saturday with a 39-yard touchdown run in the first quarter and added another score as Hutson Mason found him through the air for a 10-yard touchdown in the fourth.

As Georgia fell behind, however, the decision to give Chubb on the ground was made less frequently. Chubb finished the game with 161 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries.

“That was part of it – playing from behind,” Richt said. “The other part of it was that he’s just one man and he couldn’t carry it 60 times. I think a lot of it had to do with the score differential being broadened. We were trying to do some other things.”

As for David Andrews, who went down in the Florida game with a sprained ankle, the senior center was an early favorite to be a captain against Kentucky. Richt already had that idea on Sunday as Andrews eventually joined Kolton Houston, Damian Swann and Kosta Vavlas on Georgia’s list of captains as it travels to Lexington.

“David Andrews has been a captain almost every week,” Richt said. “That guy sprains his ankle, can barely walk and he’s like ‘I’m playing. Get out of the way. I’m playing.’ I haven’t even talked to the staff yet about it, but David is my first pick right now.”

While the Florida game was lost, effort was not.

“We didn’t have an effort issue so that’s good,” Richt said. “If you’ve got guys quitting you’ve got a problem.”

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