About That Clock Management

Mark Richt's indecision in the first half led to Georgia losing time on the clock Saturday.

Some indecision from Mark Richt led to Georgia letting the clock run down before he called a timeout late in the first half.

After Matt Jones 1-yard wildcat run left a fourth-and-2 at the Florida 45, the game clock rolled from 1:35 left to 1:09 before Georgia called timeout.

“I did a bad job of deciding what to do,” Richt said. “It was strictly on me. If I was going to call a timeout, I should have called it sooner. As I’m processing the decision, the clock’s ticking. That was a poor job by me. I should have either let the clock run down and gone into the house or called the timeout sooner, which I did not.”

Down 14-7, Georgia got the ball back at its own 18 after a punt and ran a screen pass and had a Hutson Mason run before the clock ran out.

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