Richt Not Pleased with Wilson's Comments

ATHENS - Don’t be surprised if senior inside linebacker Ramik Wilson’s media availability becomes more limited.

That’s because Georgia coach Mark Richt did not take well to Wilson’s comments on Monday to reporters.

Wilson said Georgia “got too comfortable,” heading into Saturday’s 38-20 loss to Florida.

“We underestimated our opponent pretty much,” he said.

Richt said Tuesday that he heard about Wilson’s comments.

“I think that’s why sometimes I don’t want anybody to talk to the media,” Richt said. “That’s what I think. We’ve got a lot of respect for everybody we play every week.”

Later, defensive end Sterling Bailey seemed to lend more credence to Wilson’s comments.

“We were overconfident and we didn’t respect our opponent,” he said.

That opponent had lost three straight years to Georgia.

“I think recent years played a huge part of it as well,” he said.

Bailey added: “They just came out there and wanted it more. They gave us the first punch and we didn’t respond to it.”

Richt reiterated: “We saw nothing that came close to anybody loafing or giving out or giving up. It was not that at all.”

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