Press Conference Notes

Georgia held the first press conference of the season today.

August 28, 2001


Georgia head football coach Mark Richt:

On the team's injury situation:

"As far as injuries are concerned, we have been pretty fortunate throughout camp overall. We had some bad news yesterday, Kirby Towns, a walk-on receiver tore his ACL and of course Reggie Weeks dislocated his knee way back in the very beginning. But other than that we have been in pretty good shape. George Foster had some bone chips removed from his ankle area a couple weeks ago and he actually did some jogging yesterday. He is still questionable, but maybe getting closer to probably playing. I do not think he will start, but hopefully he will play a little bit."

On what he wants to see from his team versus Arkansas State:

"We want to protect the ball well. We don't want to have many missed assignments. Sometimes you have a lot of missed assignments because the opponent over the summer put in a lot of new things. I think the big thing is I want to see a lot of energy and guys playing hard and having a good time. I think they are going to enjoy playing this game because I think they are tired of running into each other and they want to hit somebody else."

On the quarterback situation:

"We have discussed maybe playing more than one and that is not out of the question yet. We would like for it to be decided out on the game field rather than on the practice field when it's as tight as it has been and so it is not out of the possibility for us to play two quarterbacks as a plan."

On the possibility of redshirting true freshman quarterback D.J. Shockley:

"It's still a tough call. Our policy on any freshman on whether to redshirt him or not is do we think he is going to play enough throughout the year to be worth that season of eligibility and right now I am not certain about that."

On quarterback David Greene:

"I think he has a very good understanding of what we are trying to do, which helps you be confident out there. He is a tall kid and a left hander. I think he is an accurate passer. He has a good touch on the deep ball and the short ball. "

Comments on Arkansas State:

"They lost a lot of players on both sides of the ball. They have had some injury troubles and so they have not been able to practice or prepare like they would like to. They are used to playing a schedule with large Division 1-A schools and so they will not be intimidated. They are physical on defense and they have had their troubles, but it is not for a lack of wanting to hit somebody. We put together a highlight tape of their defense and if you just looked at the highlights you would be very impressed with them, Offensively they lost their quarterback and that is a big loss for them. I think they will try to spread it out and throw it around a little bit."


David Greene, QB, RFr.

On quarterback situation:

"I'm going in acting like the starting quarterback. I've been running with the number one team all week. I'm taking the approach that I'm the guy to start. I think it is my job to lose, but I'm not looking at it like that. I'm getting ready for Arkansas State. I'm excited to play."

"I can't get caught up (in the quarterback depth chart situation). I just take the approach that I need to keep getting better. That's the biggest thing."

Curt McGill, C, Sr.

On the opening game:

"Any game is a big game to us. A win is a win. It would be nice to score 40 or 50 points, I'd like to see some young guys get in."

"We're just ready for it to get here. We've been beating on each other since spring practice, we're ready to hit somebody else."

"Going out and not executing, anything like that, hurts you as a team. There's always the factor of overlooking teams. It's a big game for them (ASU). I take every game as serious as can be."

Bruce Thornton, WC, RSo.

On Arkansas State's offense:

"They're wide open. They spread it out. (Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Brian) VanGorder is going to send pressure, so we're looking for turnovers."

On Georgia's defensive scheme and man coverage:

"Going against our guys in practice prepares us well. One of the things I can do well is play man. I think our endurance and stamina will help in man coverage. Our defense can be aggressive and create turnovers."

Damien Gary, FLK, RSo.

On QB situation:

"The quarterback situation is unique not knowing who the starter is. The receivers are comfortable with any of the QBs. Whether it's David, Cory or D.J., we've worked with all of them."

On the new offense:

"The ball could come to any person at any time. The offense opens up a lot. I plan to be a big role player but the receiving corps is not picky about who gets the ball. We're more concerned with the team winning."

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