Pruitt talks indoor facility

In preparation for below freezing temperatures by the end of practice, the Bulldogs moved practice indoors. But wait, Georgia doesn't have an indoor facility. And that's what defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt wants to change as soon as possible.

"This is going to be the last football team at Georgia that's going to have days where they don't get better because of not having an indoor facility," Pruitt said.

He noted that in his time at Florida State, the Seminoles' indoor facility was built in seven months, breaking ground the day he was hired and being fully functional by football season.

Pruitt's insistence on getting an indoor practice area heavily intertwines with recruiting. Georgia is one of only two schools in the Southeastern Conference that does not have an indoor facility-- the other being Florida.

"The people we compete against say 'there's great people at Georgia. Coach Richt's a great guy, a great coach.' But what they say is 'how important is football at Georgia because they don't have an indoor practice facility?'" Pruitt said.

The lack of facility limits Georgia’s practice ability, especially late in the fall towards bowl season, and recruits know this is a disadvantage because “they only way you get better is to practice,” Pruitt said.

During cold snaps and inclement weather, the team has to adapt to less-than-preferable conditions. Pruitt noted that wind chill made it "hard to focus" and the cold was "not good for [the] body."

"It's just hard to be productive. And this is the first place I've ever coached at that didn't have [an indoor facility]," Pruitt said.

While the team has loaded the buses for Flowery Branch to practice in the Falcons' indoor facility in the past, adding travel time to the already travel-heavy season doesn’t exactly appeal to the defensive coordinator. According to Pruitt, throughout the 12-game season, between traveling to Atlanta for to fly out for away games and traveling out of town the night before home games, the Georgia football team will put in 34 hours on a bus.

But, with the limited resources they have in Athens, the Bulldogs did practice inside on Tuesday. In the Nalley Multi-Purpose Room, which Pruitt described as "about like [his] living room."

And he advised the players to practice like that was where they were.

"I told them before we went out there, 'you know how you used to play football in the living room. You're not running over there into the coffee table where it had pointed edges.' I told them when they got close to the walls, when they got outside the numbers, no thud. Everything inside the numbers is thud," Pruitt said.

Though the Georgia football team couldn’t put on a full-out practice in the multi-purpose room, Pruitt joked that it was just about the right size for offensive coordinator Mike Bobo’s and inside linebackers coach Mike Ekeler’s kids to “get a good football game going.”

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