Fast Five: Richt Talks Architecture

ATHENS - Dawg Post takes a look at the top five areas of interest after Wednesday's practice.

(One) Mark Richt weighs in on indoor facility at Georgia

On Tuesday, Jeremy Pruitt told reporters, "This is going to be the last football team at Georgia that's going to have days where they don't get better because of not having an indoor facility.”

Due to the fact the prospects of an indoor facility in Athens has been a hot topic over the past few years, Richt had to know the question was coming on Wednesday.

Following cold, but dry conditions for Wednesday’s practice, Richt was asked if he read any of Pruitt’s comments from Tuesday evening’s press availability.

“I saw some of it,” Richt said. “I think that our coaches are excited about the indoor facility being on the way. As far as figuring out when that’s going to happen, that’s another story.”

So what’s the latest, Richt?

“The reality is we are in the process of deciding where it’s going to go,” Richt said. “I’ll be meeting with an architectural firm here in the next couple of weeks to start talking. It’s called a programming meeting, in other words to say ‘how big do you want it, what do you need in it, where do you want it to go (and) where could it go?’”

“We’re moving forward with the project, which is exciting,” Richt continued. “As soon as it can be done it’ll be done. These things take time and planning and depending on where it is and what has to be done to get it in the ground will determine how long it takes before we get it done.”

Where would it be?

“It would make most sense for us…it would be most convenient for us, I guess would be a better way to say it, if it’s near here – somewhere near this property (Butts-Mehre) or on this property. That would be the first choice. Again, we’ve got to see the feasibility of all that.”

(Two) Playoffs?

Richt was asked Wednesday evening if he’s been watching the television broadcasts of the College Football Playoff rankings.

“I have not watched it at all,” Richt said.

In fact, Richt said he fielded a question in Wednesday’s SEC teleconference regarding a metric referred to as ‘game control.’

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Richt responded.

While Richt and his staff are primarily busy with practice film during the times when the show airs, Richt confirmed that he does keep tabs on the rankings themselves.

“We’re just trying to beat the Buccaneers,” Richt said. “I’ve not watched that show yet because it’s kind of in the heart of when we’re watching practice film on Tuesday and game-planning, but I do check to see where we ended up.”

As of Tuesday, Georgia sits at no. 10 in the College Football Playoff rankings, behind UCLA and in front of Michigan State.

(Three) Michel (ankle) ‘getting better’

“It’s hard to say yet, but Sony is looking better,” Richt said. “I asked him how he felt and he said ‘I’m getting better every day,’ and for me to say can he play or will he play, I’m not sure yet.”

Sony Michel has 307 yards and four touchdowns on 39 carries this season. The true freshman also has six catches for 74 yards and a touchdown.

(Four) Best man wins at DB

True freshmen Dominick Sanders and Malkom Parrish may be having big years as far as 2014 goes, but no players should rest on the past season’s success, according to Richt.

“I think they’ll be better next year than they are this year, having all the experience and knowing what to do,” Richt said. “But they’re also still going to have to compete to keep their jobs. We’re going to bring in some good players and we’ve got some others who will compete and the best man wins.”

Sanders has 28 tackles (1.5 for a loss of 11 yards), an interception and a fumble recovery for a touchdown this season. Parrish has 10 tackles.

(Five) Chubb’s run load always subject to change

Depending on the situation this season, Nick Chubb has had to wear a lot of hats, from supporting role to feature back. However, Richt says he doesn’t want to put too much on the true freshman, or any tailback for that matter.

“I think we prefer for our guys not to have to carry 30-35 carries in a game,” Richt said. “We’re much better off splitting the load.”

Chubb has carried the ball 152 times this season for a total of 1,039 yards and nine touchdowns.

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