Richt Responds to Indoor Talks

Mark Richt smiled when asked about Jeremy Pruitt's comments from Tuesday.

Coach Mark Richt smiled Wednesday when he was asked about whether he heard defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt’s comments a day earlier that caused a bit of a stir. Pruitt said that this would be the last Georgia team that wouldn’t have an indoor practice facility.

“I saw some of it, yeah,” Richt said. “This is what I think. I think that our coaches are excited about the indoor facility being on the way. As far as figuring out when exactly that’s going to happen, that’s another story but the reality is we are in process of deciding where it’s going to go.”

Athletic director Greg McGarity said it would be “impossible” for the indoor facility to be completed before 2016 and Richt said “it would be very difficult,” to get it done next year.

“For me to know it’s going to happen, to know that we’re moving forward, you can recruit with that,” Richt said. “I think that’s the point that Jeremy was trying to make. He might have got a little overzealous on when it was going to be in the ground and all that kind of thing. I think he was just wanting to let all of our recruits know it’s on the way and we decided to get it done and we’re thankful to the administration and the president and everybody else to allow us to do it.”

Pruitt, a former Alabama and Florida State assistant, said that Georgia not having an indoor facility is used to recruit against Georgia by other schools.

Richt said he didn’t know if he’s lost a recruit because of the lack of an indoor facility, but he said recruits have brought it up and asked when and if Georgia will have one.

“No recruit has ever said I’m not coming to Georgia because you don’t have an indoor facility, but you never know what’s being used against you, what really appeals to a guy,” Richt said. “Has it been the factor? I don’t know. Maybe.”

Richt said he will meet with an architectural firm in the coming weeks to discuss the size and scope of the facility and the location. Richt prefers it to be located near the Butts-Mehre building that houses the football program.

“I think there’s going to end up being a way if it’s on this plot of land where we could still have enough grass where we could get done what we have to get done,” Richt said.

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