Five Questions: Recruiting Weekend Looms

ATHENS - Dean Legge talks with's Chad Simmons about Georgia's recruiting weekend.

Where does Devonte Seymour play next season when he enrolls at Georgia? And please go over what he’s been doing here lately and how many years he has to play…

I see Seymour a lot like I did Cordy Glenn when he was coming out of high school -- guard longterm, but could play tackle too if needed.  He has good size, very good feet for a lineman his size, and he can be a kid who pulls, gets to the second level, and opens holes for running backs inside the pocket.  It will be interesting to see where he lines up at during spring practice.

What spot does Gary McCrae play in the future? He’s pretty athletic, but where does he line up in the end?

I see McCrae as an outside linebacker at Georgia, but with his athleticism, he could be a tight end as well.  He is best when turned loose to rush the quarterback and he can drop into coverage as well. He is so athletic, that is what stands out most about him.  But when you see him come off the edge, to me, that tells me he is an outside linebacker who goes after the quarterback in Athens.  He is really a wildcard though due his size and athleticism.

We’ve both talked in the recent past about this 2014 recruiting class. It looks, on paper, like it might be the best class Mark Richt has ever signed at Georgia. Why is that? Who is the guy people are going to be talking about in the class in 2017?

It does look to be a special class.  In this class, I see a lot good mix of athletes and football players.  I also see numerous guys who I say with confidence that have a chance to play at the highest level.  The game-changers here guys will be talking about in 2017 are Terry Godwin, Trenton Thompson, and Van Jefferson.  There are other too, but those three have a chance to be very special.  A couple not many talk about that have a chance to be better than advertised are Justin Young and Deontai Williams.  Young is a blue-collar DL that has improved his quickness and Williams is an athletic DB who can move around, run, and hit.

Can you please talk a little about this group of linebackers that Georgia has committed? Obviously, Roquan Smith is an important piece to the final puzzle here, but of the guys who have already committed who can step in and play some snaps in 2015?

Georgia still wants to add guys like Smith, an inside guy, and a couple others out there could be considered targets for outside linebacker as well.  Speaking on the two that are committed right now - one is McCrae, I talked about him above.  He is such an impressive athlete who shines in basketball.  This young man was dunking a basketball going baseline on kids in middle school.  He is explosive and he is versatile - he could be a kid UGA moves around to find the perfect spot.  I really like his upside.  The same can be said about Juwan Taylor.  What jumps out to me about him is his striking ability.  The kid flat out loves to lay the wood.  He closes on the ball well and he has good length too.  I think he can get a strong look inside, but he is athletic enough to play outside as well.  He is raw, like McCrae, but athletic and some real upside here.

Which 2016 recruits are the most important for fans to know about coming into this spring?

Where do I start?  Obviously Georgia is off to a strong start with Chauncey Manac, Jacob Eason and Ben Cleveland -- there will be more talent added to this list.  I will name five I feel Georgia has a very good chance with at this time and I will go three defense and two defense.

DT Derrick Brown:  Loves Georgia.  Rocker stands out to him a lot, UGA is a home state school, and the Dawgs are in the good position.
DB Marlon Character:  Close to current Dawg Damian Swann - goes to Grady like Swann, and I consider Character a strong lean.
OLB Jaleel Laguins:  Very close to Athens at North Oconee HS and the Dawgs love his versatility and athleticism.  Has openly named UGA his leader.
TE/Hybrid Charlie Woerner:  Clemson is there as are others, but I am hearing UGA is in a good spot.  UGA loves him.
ATH Marquez Callaway:  Could play WR or S - great athlete with length, speed and ball skills.  UGA offered first.  Dawgs lead.

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