Petrino "looking forward to the challenge"

Louisville coach Bobby Petrino spoke on Tuesday about the upcoming Belk Bowl against the Georgia Bulldogs.

You said you were nervous. Why?

Bobby Petrino: When you watch them on film, they're a very good football team. They've got a really good offensive line, big running, the quarterback has completed 69 percent of his passes and doesn't throw a lot of picks. Defensively, they've got a great pass rusher, and they run and tackle well. So it's a great challenge for us. Anytime you sit there watching video and you're trying to game plan, you get a feel for how good the team is you're going against, so we've got our work cut out for us but we're looking forward to the challenge.

On Todd Grantham's UGA connections:

BP: Todd is very familiar with a lot of their players. He's done an unbelievable job here, we're very fortunate to have him here. We met with him on their personnel and he gave us an evaluation on each guy he knows well. Certainly that helps us in our preparation, but we're just excited he's working for us.

On playing UGA:

BP: I think it's great for us. It has certainly helped our preparation, helped our guys to be very motivated. Makes it a lot easier when we're here practicing, getting up in the morning and lifting weights and everybody else is home for Christmas. I think that's one of the things that's good when you play a game like that. Our attitude was great last Friday and Saturday. We've just got to continue that and sometimes it's a little challenge the closer you get to Christmas and they're not home with mom and dad. So we'll try to do some things to help them out.

On preparing for a bowl:

BP: I think the way you handle it is it's something that happens every year. You know that the end of the season's over with, now the challenge is, okay, let's make sure we're physically and mentally ready to play and we understand that there's a period of time ... probably, one thing I always concern myself with is how we'll tackle, because we won't do a lot of live tackling in practice. So you always worry about how well you're going to tackle and secure the football. But we've got to trust in our preparation and know that the way we practice gets you prepared for the game and also keeps you healthy.

On if there are too many bowls in college football:

BP: There's a lot of bowls, there certainly is. But the way I look at it is it's a great experience for the student-athlete. They've put so much into it, they're very dedicated, very committed to it, this is a reward for what they've done throughout the season to be able to go to a bowl site, have a great experience and enjoy it, remember it for the rest of their life and something I think they've all earned.

On UGA similarities:

BP: I don't like to make comparisons between teams, but they're really a good football team. They've been in some really good games, they've had some huge wins and some tough losses, so I guess in that way we're probably similar, knowing what it's like to lose some hard games and win some too.

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