16 for 2016 - JaQua Daniels

Dawg Post gives its subscribers 16 prospects to keep up with in the 2016 recruiting cycle - Today Clarke Central running back JaQua Daniels.

Dawg Post's 16 for 2016 is an early list of players who have already make a mark on the recruiting world.

JaQua Daniels
Running Back
Clarke Central

Chad Simmons’s Quick Take: Daniels is a big athlete who can do things on the field. Daniels can be used as a big receiver or H-back type on the next level, but he’s probably a running back.

The Scoop: A shifty power back, Daniels seems to try to win plays with his eyes first. The Athens product isn’t as explosive as some running backs, but his ability to move and cut is pretty solid. He does not appear to have true breakaway speed, but that’s not necessary to be a great back in the SEC.

Daniels has above-average hands for a running back. He works best going north and south - getting to the edge isn’t a strength. But his vision allows him to see the hole (or the cutback) and explode into it.

Clarke Central also used him often on trick plays where he threw the ball to a receiver down the field. The Gladiators use him in all sorts of formations including the I, the off-set I, single back and in option situations.

Again, moving straight forward, he’s difficult to stop. But getting to the edge isn’t what he excels at. His eye, however, are high level, which is critical for a running back.

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