16 for 2016 - Marquez Callaway

Dawg Post gives its subscribers 16 prospects to keep up with in the 2016 recruiting cycle - Today Warner Robins athlete Marquez Callaway.

Dawg Post's 16 for 2016 is an early list of players who have already make a mark on the recruiting world.

Marquez Callaway
Warner Robins

Chad Simmons’s Quick Take: Callaway is a long and rangy athlete with very good ball skills and football speed. He loves playing receiver, but he is also a very good free safety.

The Scoop: Well there’s not much question that Marquez Callaway has the measurables to be a very good college football player at the next level. He makes a play on the ball quite often. He can leap well, and he’s a good tackler. He, for his size, can deliver a blow.

But he’s not a natural at football, and that’s not something one can teach. If Callaway is going to be successful in college, and he certainly has all of the tools to do just that, he’s going to have to be molded into a player.

There is some questions as to where Callaway will wind up - wide receiver or defensive back. That’s a good question. He has the ability to high-point the ball, which is what you want at both of those spots. He might be a better college receiver because, for lack of a better way to put it, receivers don’t have to tackle.

But there’s no questioning that Callaway has a tremendous burst and good length, which translates well to the defensive side of the ball. Its difficult to know where he will end up, but there’s little doubt that you want someone of that skill set and measurables on your college roster.

He went to Athens twice this fall after getting an offer from the Dawgs. He also visited Florida State in 2014.

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