Damian Swann tacks on to backfield show

Damian Swann wouldn’t let the younger guys get all of the attention.

In the fourth quarter, the senior cornerback snagged a pass of his own, giving the Bulldogs possession at the Georgia 33 yard line, eventually resulting in Marshall Morgan’s third field goal of the night.

And Swann nearly pulled down another one in the final minutes of the game.

Swann, as the oldest and most experienced member of the defensive backfield, said that he was proud of what the unit accomplished tonight, and the win left him grinning ear to ear.

“A natty would’ve been better, but going out with a win is always good,” Swann said.

Swann's snag Tuesday night gave him four for the year, tying Quincy Mauger to lead the team in interceptions.

With just a few minutes left to cement his legacy at Georgia, was Swann going to make sure he created some noise?


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