Confidential: How to beat every team you meet

For Mark Richt's eyes only

Because, in the past, there has been failure by former coaching staffs in preparing game plans and knowing how the opposition is most likely to attack, we have prepared a no nonsense way for you and your staff to know the best things to prepare for from the opposition. We have also prepared some plans that have worked well in the past few seasons, and some that have not. You will be given this information each week before you games.

First out-of-conference team (Arkansas State)

The first game of the season has seen Georgia go 4-1 in the past five seasons. The only loss was to Southern Mississippi in 1996. The main mistake that occurred in that game was the total lack of a running game. In all of the other games against the out-of-conference team that opens the schedule, Georgia managed to dominate the running game. Every other opening game (Arkansas St, Kent, Utah St, and Georgia Southern) the Dawgs gained over 200 yards running. This was the dominating factor in each game. Turnovers played a little part in the outcome of games as the overall turnover margin equals zero for all of the first games since 1996.

Don't worry about which team scores first, that too is an irrelevant factor in winning the first game of the season. With the pattern that has been set in the past and considering the skill of the opponent involved, a 200+ yard rushing game with more than take care of your first win as the Georgia Bulldog Head Coach.

Key players from the opposition:

Jonathon Adams, RB – possesses speed and power. Adams is a larger than average running back that carries the ball about 20 times a game. Adams averages 5 yards per carry.

Garry Johnson, OL – Indian coaching staff compares him to Orlando Pace. Graded at 90% last season and 85% the season before. Has started 22 consecutive games, along with fellow offensive lineman John Crossley.

Coach, you can e-mail me here with any questions, good luck.

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