Mailbag Questions

The Mailbag is back. Every week I, Caitlyn Stroh, will be fielding your questions and concerns about the Bulldogs. Give me a couple days to come up with a clever name and answer any questions.

The weekend might be over, but the party is just getting started. Time for you folks to hit me with the mailbag questions. Send any questions you have about football, recruiting, UGA, Athens, life, whatever for me or the rest of the Dawg Post crew. Y’all have until Tuesday at noon to post questions on out premium message board - The Porch. As always, premium members’ questions will always be answered. If you are just scrolling through the Twittersphere during your lunch break and want to throw a question my way, feel free to tweet mailbag questions @Dawg_Post. If your question is good enough, it just might get answered.

The Mailbag Question Selection Committee (MQSC), which includes former DP superstar and questionable human being Fletcher Page, will pick a few questions to answer. Strength of question will be taken into consideration.

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