What Are the Dawgs Getting in Walker?

Dean Legge talks with Chad Simmons about Langston Hughes OLB D’Andre Walker.

I know you said in the days leading up to the US Army All-American Game that you expected it, but when did Georgia really turn the corner to get D’Andre Walker?

This was a tight race for months.  Georgia just kept showing Walker how he would fit into their scheme that versatility at OLB in their scheme would make him that much more valuable when it comes to NFL Draft time.  At first, Walker was not interested in playing OLB and having to drop into coverage some, but over time, Georgia showed him how it could help his game evolve.  For me, there was no certain time Georgia turned the corner, it was a very slow process when Georgia kept chipping away, building that trust, and eventually convinced Walker he could succeed in their system.  The family has always loved Georgia and the mom is very excited about the school being close to home.

Walker certainly seems like an outside linebacker/pass rusher type, how quick can his game translate to the SEC, and considering the depth at outside linebacker in Athens right now how fast will he play in Athens?

He is too explosive for Georgia to keep off the field in 2015.  He still has some real developing to do physically and as an overall OLB, but as a pass rusher, not many are better than he is.  His first step, anticipation, and get-off are all among the best nationally.  He has great length and closing speed too.  I see him playing early at Georgia in pass rushing situations.

Finally, talk a little about Walker’s ability to rush the passer - that’s what Georgia’s getting him for, so just what are they getting in the Langston Hughes product?

Like I said in a question earlier, Walker is an explosive talent.  His specialty is rushing the quarterback, applying pressure, and sacking the passer.  He knows that is what he does best, Pruitt knows it, Richt knows it, and the SEC will know it in time.  He is a very lean young man, so developing in Georgia's new strength and conditioning program will be very important for Walker.  He is an athlete with so much upside, but when it comes to making plays between the hedges early in his career - it will be by way of sacking the opposing passer.

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