Georgia's Recalibration

ATHENS - This… this is a big move, and signals something more.

I’m impressed. When I heard through back channels (and reported it last Friday) that longtime NFL offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer would leave his current spot in St. Louis for the game gig in Athens I didn’t take it too seriously.

Richt started interviewing candidates for the position on Monday (or perhaps before in the case of Schottenheimer, whose season ended two days before the Dawgs blew out Louisville), but Schottenheimer’s name didn’t pop up much outside of the initial report on Dawg Post.

Most folks, and rightfully so, were focusing on Kurt Roper, Mike Bloomgren and others.

We should have learned by now that the least likely person to get the job is the one that’s going to wind up with the job. We are dealing with Mark Richt - he’s very secretive.

Back to the hire - for me this is a big move. Yes, Schottenheimer was in hot water in St. Louis, a place that’s had a difficult time keeping franchise signal caller Sam Bradford healthy. Let’s be frank - it is nearly impossible to win in the NFL without a starting quarterback throwing the ball. So Schottenheimer has been hamstrung with that for some time now in St. Louis.

We don’t know what Schottenheimer will be like as a college play caller. Time will tell just how good or bad Schottenheimer will be in Athens. You know people are already going to line up against him. Some folks figured out how to hate Mike Bobo, until the minute he left for the Colorado State job.

But the idiot class will figure out how to hate any coach… that’s what they do. Schottenheimer certainly has expert experience with that due to his time with the New York Jets.

But Schottenheimer has coached Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Brett Favre, and Sam Bradford… that’s a pretty solid bunch considering half of them have Super Bowl rings. I don’t know if Schottenheimer will be successful or not, but this is a good move.

Georgia is recalibrating itself - that’s what this move says to me today. In the past week a few things have happened of note, and none of them are about “saving money”.

AD Greg McGarity wrote a letter to donors the school is focused on “a number of construction projects, including the indoor practice facility and future enhancements to football areas in Sanford Stadium.”

Jeremy Pruitt received a one-year extension and a 53% raise from $850,000 to $1.3 million a year.

Mark Richt and McGarity are working on an extension to his contract that currently runs out after the 2017 season.

And now Brian Schottenheimer has been hired away from the NFL, and will coach college football for the first time since he was the tight ends coach at USC.

If Georgia wasn’t serious before - it certainly is now… and the last five days proves it.

The recalibration has begun.

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