What I Learned Watching: Charles Wiley

ATLANTA - Matt DeBary takes a look at Stockbridge DL Charles Wiley.

Charles Wiley is a guy I didn’t know much about coming into the Rising Seniors, but like most of the players on the defensive line, he had a great game. Wiley is listed at 6’3, 206 pounds, but he definitely looked much bigger.

Wiley did a great job using his speed to beat his man all night. He wreaked havoc in the backfield. He is a guy who was always hustling. He made multiple tackles completely on the other side of the field from where he lined up.

Wiley showed passion and leadership. He also made a couple of momentum-changing sacks for Team Dedication. If a Team Commitment QB dropped back to pass, Wiley found a way to get some pressure. It seemed like almost every possession Wiley made a play in the backfield, either getting a sack or blowing up the run. We heard his name called all night, and I believe he really did himself some good.

After an eye opening performance Friday night, I expect Wiley to real in more and more offers until Signing Day 2016. It was a very impressive performance.

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