What I Learned Watching: Mecole Hardman

ATLANTA - Matt DeBary takes a look at Elbert County WR Mecole Hardman.

Mecole Hardman was the fastest guy I saw at the Rising Seniors game. He was a wide receiver for Team Commitment, who also had guys like big Kyle Davis and Demetris Robertson. Hardman was the guy they really wanted to have the ball, and he made a HUGE impact for Team Commitment on offense.

Whether it was a quick screen and a long pass, Hardman showed he could be a guy you could build an offense around. Not only did he show great straight-line speed, but he also showed quickness by making guys miss in a very small space.

His most impressive play was right before the half. Team Commitment threw a pass to Hardman down the sideline - an overthrown 30-yard pass. That didn’t matter to Hardman, who used the high pass as a way to show his athleticism to the crowd and the many college scouts that were present.

He jumped over his defender, made the tough catch at the highest point, came down in bounds, and then cut to the middle of the field instead of going out of bounds. After his cut, which may or may not have broken a defender’s ankles, Hardman turned on the jets, and his speed took over, leaving the defense in the dust on his way to a very impressive touchdown.

Hardman got the ball more than any other player for Team Commitment, and he took advantage of his opportunities. He did have one drop, but that was as bad as it got for the speedster. He lined up as a kick returner, as well as a punt returner throughout the game. Hardman is a playmaker. He finds a way to get open and has the ability to make people miss. He showed good but not great hands, but that is something he can fix with more practice and hard work. He’s a good athlete, I can see Hardman playing some defensive back at the next level, too.

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