The Throwback: Stafford Leaves His Mark

Dawg Post is going into the vault to dig up some stories you should go back and read.

Check out today's Dawg Post Throwback Story of the Day, featuring a piece by Dean Legge from 2009. In this story Legge goes into detail about Matthew Stafford's career at Georgia.

Matthew Stafford, perhaps the greatest quarterback in Georgia history, has fulfilled his potential in a short amount of time, but not without a mighty struggle in and out of the spotlight

It was, perhaps, the weirdest car drive Joe Cox had ever been on.

The Sunday two weeks before the start of the 2006 season Mark Richt summoned his four quarterbacks to his Oconee County home. Joe Tereshinski, Matthew Stafford, Blake Barnes and Cox had been in a nearly nine-month competition to replace D.J. Shockley as the starting quarterback. The fervor around the quarterback competition was an every-day conversation in the Bulldog world – Just who would start the first game of the season? Would a different player be the starter at the end of the season? If Matthew Stafford was supposed to be the future of the program, why not just throw him in there at the start of the year? On the other hand, the last senior who waited his turn, Shockley, produced one heck of a senior season himself.

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